Santa decides that Dave King has been naughty

I’m afraid Santa decided to give a certain residence in Johannesburg an airborne body swerve yesterday.

Perhaps he decided that Mr David Cunningham King had been naughty and not nice.

I learned today that the South African based Chairman of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) has been busy apropos the Take Over Panel Court of Session thingy.

The convicted criminal had contacted a third party in the City to ascertain the likely take up among RIFC shareholders if he finally complied with the ruling.

He wanted to know just how many RIFC shareholders, out with the Concert Party, would be willing to sell to him at the imposed price of 20p.

My information is that His Glibness was shocked by what he was told.

Apparently, there will be many RIFC shareholders who will sell at 20p.

This is not the news that the RIFC Chairman was hoping to hear.

If my information is correct and Mr King was shocked, then I am shocked that he was, well, shocked.

Given that RIFC shares are, effectively, worthless then 20p is a rather good price.

Moreover, that is also the opinion of some of his fellow directors within the Sevco High Command.

It is therefore not surprising that Mr King is trying to play for time by seeking leave to appeal to the Inner House.

The heady days of March 2015 must now seem a very long time ago to Mr King.

Developing crisis…

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