Dave King and the Sevco bus

There is a meeting of the Sevco High Command today.

Could this be the day when Chairman King is involuntarily propelled under the moving wheels of a road going public conveyance?

Just before the festive break one of the directors of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) stated the following to the Serious Professional:

“You know, this might be the opportunity to come clean with the fans”.

My source stated that his understanding of this conversation was that the director was referring to the South African based chairman.

In other words, it was time to tell The People that the chaps in the Blue Room had been duped by King.

That they had believed his lavish tales about offshore millions just waiting to be splurged on his beloved basket of assets.

Of course, it was all feelgood fantasy.

King told his Concert Party colleagues what they wanted to hear.

Instead, King used his favourite substance-OPM.

It was, indeed, Other People’s Money that funded the hostile takeover in March 2015.

King was sure that there would be zero journalistic scrutiny from the Radar press in Glasgow.

He was entirely correct in that assumption.

Since the Off Licence Putsch in 2015, the sports desks have obediently regurgitated the high-Level pish that has been fed to them.

I was asked in a comment yesterday about the possibility of an appeal by Mr King against the Court of Session ruling.

I was told today by a source close to the Take Over Panel that they were very confident of the final result.

They said that King’s only hope for an appeal would be to find some ambiguous wording in the ruling that could be then open to legal argument.

Because they were aware of that danger everything had been checked and re-checked.

I got the sense that these guys really want King.

Indeed, another source steered me in the direction that Mr King is now urgently seeking legal advice in South Africa.

He is doing that because he wants to know whether or not this shit show in Scotland could travel south of the Limpopo to bite him in his country of domicile.

Meanwhile, the Sevco High Command have to deal with Dave’s mess.

Alastair James Johnston is in the Blue Room for the correct reasons.

He is emotionally involved with the Ibrox thing and that is his strength and weakness.

What is undeniable is that the non-King faction within the Sevco High Command has finally realised the extent to which Dave kept them out of the loop.

That realisation is frightening quite a few of them now.

Developing horror show…

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