Why the ghost of fitba future is so terrifying to The People

There is a spectre haunting Ibrox-the spectre of reality.

Today the Court of Session found for the Take Over panel and against Mr David Cunningham King.

That means that there can be no doubt about the legality of the Off Licence Putsch of March 2015.

The ruling can be read in full here.

I am sure that Mr King will welcome this favourable settlement.

No, seriously…

The implications of this ruling might be over the heads of The People.

However, they should have no difficulty in taking in the import of this statement.

This should come as no surprise to regular readers, as the elevation of young Master Murts has been extensively trailed here.

Moreover, after the Derek McInnes debacle, the Ibrox hot seat is even more toxic than it had been previously.

What the confirmation of Graeme Murty means is that the realistic faction within the Sevco High Command is starting to call the shots.

He was appointed last evening after a Churchillian conclave.

When I first discussed the probability of young Master Murts being installed on a permanent basis it was within the narrative of austerity.

You could call it the Sevco Manifesto.

Lord Cardigan had once famously stated that there was no place around the broad room table at Ibrox for financial common sense.

The appointment of young Master Murts is a manifestation of exactly that.

It makes financial sense.

As a chill ran through the dignified message boards when the news of his installation was announced it was almost as if The People had seen the ghost of Fitba future.

Since 2012 they have been following Espanyol Glasgow.

It is just that they do not realise it yet.

The local media help with the denial that Rangers died five years ago.

Much better for circulation to pretend that nothing changed down Edmiston Drive way.

As The People shiver in Celtic’s shadow the only thing that will prevent the death of a second club at Ibrox is austerity.

Therefore, there is no alternative to financial common sense.

That is what the signing of Declan John really represents.

Of course, I am aware of the pitiful delusion among The People that their beloved basket of assets can overtake Celtic.

To those of you who recognise the reference in the opening line then the term “false consciousness” seems entirely apposite for this bonkers belief.

This is the season for giving gifts and Sevco is the gift that just keeps on giving.

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