The big spending days gets the cold shoulder at Sevco

So Sevco now has an austerity manager.This is a significant development.

I am told that the conditions on which young Master Murts has accepted the gig are as follows:

All the Pedro high earners must go in January.

No reasonable offer will be refused for any player if there is cover in the positions (e.g. goalkeeper).

All the local players who were put out on loan will be recalled where that is possible.

So expect to see the return of Michael Francis O’Halloran in the light blue of Sevco,  Joseph Dodoo could also return.

I am sure that The People will be thrilled at the prospect of these chaps returning to Ibrox.

My information is that there is a meeting of the Sevco High Command scheduled for next week.

Mr Alastair James Johnston will JET IN for that dignified conclave and I understand that they will be discussing Dave.

The ruling today gives Mr David Cunnigham King 30 days from the date of the court’s order to comply.

Developing crisis…

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