Straight answers cause a problem for the Sevco High Command

When I posted my take on the dignified Q&A with the Club 1872 I did not know that there was some disharmony around the answers given.

I have just learned that there was something of a tiff yesterday between the Serious Professional and a Magnificently Maned Factotum.

It would appear that the Immaculately Coiffed One accused the Serious Professional of simply defending his own position to The People during the Q & A.

In my opinion, the answers were very clear.

The Serious Professional frankly stated that Celtic are miles ahead of Sevco financially.

Moreover, the route to overtaking the Parkhead club is via the group stages of the Champions League.

It is hard to fault the rationale behind the Serious Professional’s answers.

During the dignified conversation, the ImmaculatelCoiffeded One was asked to highlight a single inaccuracy in the answers.

He couldn’t.

However, the fact that the Q & A had been published at all was the subject of some dignified recriminations.

This led to the judgement of an inter-galactic PR guru being called into question.

Indeed, some of the chaps in the Blue Room are now starting to question whether or not this communications genius is at the required Level.

Oh dear.

I understand that same fellow was summoned to a meeting of the Sevco High Command this afternoon.

Apparently, they are expecting some major news from form the Court of Session tomorrow and they want an agreed position in time for Statement O Clock.

I’m sure that there isn’t anything to worry about.

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