Conflicted ambitions

Oh dear, this is all very messy.

Actually, I do rather feel for the horribly conflicted Mr McInnes.

What I do know is that as of 14.00 hours today there had been no formal approach to Aberdeen FC from Sevco about the Dons’ management team.

Moreover, it is my information that as of the same point there was no money in place at the Holding Company vehicle to make such a move.

I am struck by the similarities between the Off License Putsch of March 2015 and this attempt to unsettle McInnes, especially with regard to the use of the local media.

On Wednesday night at Ibrox two favoured stenographers were pulled to one side by an Inter-galactic PR guru and a magnificently maned factotum.

These two chaps were told that a formal move would be made for McInnes early next week and that the latest there would be a move would be this Wednesday.

My take on this is that he would love the Ibrox job, but not under these circumstances.

It is my understanding that he has been advised against taking the Sevco post at present by a worldly-wise cardigan.

The brogue wearing sage to McInnes stated that there was no money available and that it would be folly to believe anything promised to him by Sevco’s duplicitous chairman.

Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if Super Salary had also proffered similar counsel to the Pittodrie supremo.

As I stated in the foregoing, my information was current at 14.00 hrs today.

I’m sure tomorrow could bring a new chapter in this clusterfuck.

Whichever way this plays out now Derek McInnes is collateral damage in this episode of the Sevco sitcom.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t know if he was having a shit or combing his hair.

Sure it is enough to make you forget your team line-up!