Conflicted ambitions

Oh dear, this is all very messy.

Actually, I do rather feel for the horribly conflicted Mr McInnes.

What I do know is that as of 14.00 hours today there had been no formal approach to Aberdeen FC from Sevco about the Dons’ management team.

Moreover, it is my information that as of the same point there was no money in place at the Holding Company vehicle to make such a move.

I am struck by the similarities between the Off License Putsch of March 2015 and this attempt to unsettle McInnes, especially with regard to the use of the local media.

On Wednesday night at Ibrox two favoured stenographers were pulled to one side by an Inter-galactic PR guru and a magnificently maned factotum.

These two chaps were told that a formal move would be made for McInnes early next week and that the latest there would be a move would be this Wednesday.

My take on this is that he would love the Ibrox job, but not under these circumstances.

It is my understanding that he has been advised against taking the Sevco post at present by a worldly-wise cardigan.

The brogue wearing sage to McInnes stated that there was no money available and that it would be folly to believe anything promised to him by Sevco’s duplicitous chairman.

Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if Super Salary had also proffered similar counsel to the Pittodrie supremo.

As I stated in the foregoing, my information was current at 14.00 hrs today.

I’m sure tomorrow could bring a new chapter in this clusterfuck.

Whichever way this plays out now Derek McInnes is collateral damage in this episode of the Sevco sitcom.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t know if he was having a shit or combing his hair.

Sure it is enough to make you forget your team line-up!

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  1. “McInnes hasn’t been approached” – *plausible deniability of course.
    An approach would be illegal practice in football, so never happened. But something happened. Somebody phoned somebody else and said, brother, would you have a word with our brother Derek? Level with him, aye, keep it on the level. The Aberdeen team were a disgrace over both games. Unprepared, unprofessional, even unfit. McInnes was responsible 100% for that; caught in the headlights, couldn’t make any sensible changes, gave up 6 points to a club that hasn’t even approached him. At the head of it all, Stewart Milne, who give impression that he’s a true supporter of Aberdeen. Nope, the man is sucking up land and property in the City and Shire in order to make money. Aberdeen is a useful stepping stone for Milne opening up business areas, nothing else.

    *”The ability of people to deny knowledge of or responsible for any damnable actions committed by others in an organisational hierarchy because of lack of evidence that can confirm their participation even if they were personally involved”

  2. For an astute journalist to ask a current Scottish SPFL manager:
    Did you attend training in the build up to your team’s most recent home game?
    If not, who took the sessions and on what days?
    Did you know your team’s starting line up for its most recent home game?
    If not, who picked the team?

  3. No money…Mcinnes has no money to spend at this present time while being in charge at Aberdeen,if he does go to sevco then his position will be the same.He may think that sevco is the better option and may pay an amount to Aberdeen himself to release him from his contract

    1. McInnes has no money to spend at Aberdeen, but neither does he have ludicrous inter-galactic fantasy expectations to challenge for the title regardless of the money available.

  4. Phil, as an Aberdeen fan, I respect you for standing up to the constant abuse you get.

    Mcinnes told me himself (believe it or not) he had no intention of going to them two weeks ago, they have been trying to and successfully destabilised my club by the constant media barrage.

    This is absolutely sickening from a club with no class and a media that suck up to their every claim.

    I don’t mind getting beat fair and square by a team better than us but that was beyond rediculas where even the players couldn’t concentrate due to the speculation.

    These were not fair games in my mind.

    Somebody from the SFA should have stepped in to stop this, but unfortunately as we have seen in the last few years they have no control over them and the media.

    The media had over stepped the mark this time and who is going to stop anything else from the Mob.

    I fear for our beutiful game, our only hope is that they collapse again, but this time no turning back.

    1. It tells me that McInnes was given a ‘grand order’ from above to gift Sevco the 6 points ‘or else’ …

      And that our beautiful game has been deliberately turned into a criminal racket by the people who REALLY own the SFA, those that Stuart Regan was squealing about after Ashley forced him and his other toadies to reveal that King hadn’t passed ANY ‘Fit & Proper’ criteria before being allowed to run his own form of criminally unrestrained fiscal vandalism at the Newco.

      Of course, perhaps the SFA will surprise us all by fining them somewhere in the region of 500,000 pounds for illegally tapping up a manager through the media like they did with Celtic over Tommy Burns & Billy Stark from Kilmarnock all those years ago, a fine unparalleled before or since, but I doubt it.

      Also, Phil, is there any chance that yourself or any one of those ‘many fine journalists in Scotland’ could have a look at WHO, exactly, it actually is who runs and owns the SFA, as that particular piece of information would go a very long way indeed to rooting out the cancer that has, and still is, destroying our game at its very foundations, neither level nor square.

      I can only find this, a blatant lie, as it was later discovered during Ashley’s court case against them that King had, in fact, NOT been granted any form of FPP status by the secretive 8 man committee, despite the following claim:

      ‘The statement confirming King had been given the green light referred only to the ‘Board of the Scottish FA’ with the key passage reading: ‘Having considered all submissions received from Mr King and the club in respect of this matter the Scottish FA Board granted an approval, conditional upon further submissions from Mr King in respect of documented agreements with the appropriate authorities in South Africa.’

      However, the most interesting aspect of the entire affair was Regan’s bleating in the wake of this discovery (that King isn’t FPP) that ‘We don’t own the SFA! We just work for them!’, an assertion which I now can’t find anywhere online and which I was surprised, even at the time, was allowed to go unquestioned.

      For, if those mugs don’t own the SFA, who does?

      I do know what the ‘movement’ is behind these guys but it would be nice to see who the individuals are who actually OWN, and, therefore, actually direct, the muppets like Regan et al that we have to stomach killing our game on a daily basis and where they fit into the overall crooked picture of running both our local and national teams into the ground unquestioned and, seemingly, impervious and inscrutable to all and any objective critical analysis.


      And best of luck to the Bhoys tonight.

      1. That article was written almost 3 years ago…and it highlighted the “corruption” that went on with DK’s FPP status.
        But…What happened as a result of this damning article…??
        Pun intended.
        Its like pushing water up a hill.

    2. So what about the players themselves don’t they have any gumption at all if they were angry
      it did not look that way . The supposed second best team in the League get rolled over by a bunch of second rate chancers, where was their fighting spirit in those 2 games ? It looked like Sevco were given an early Christmas prezzie by Oor Derek before he jumped over the fence. This supposed tactical genius and destroyer of reputations, if he is so good and of strong character where is this inner strength we are all told he has.

  5. The sevco Board know Murty isn’t the answer because he didn’t get those two results.

    Will sevco now lose to other mid table/ bottom clubs. Teams that aren’t knobbled?

    If McInness goes to sevco it will be interesting to see which Aberdeen players follow him there and review how those players played in these two games against sevco.

    McInness saying he hasn’t been approached , and sevco media saying Trfc are about to approach him for the first time, might be a cover up that he has been approached. And he agreed to switch weeks ago.

    Oh dear!

    That some Aberdeen players expect to follow him (nudge and a wink) and the six points went to Govan in awful Aberdeen performances not seen in a long time.

    Is McInness bent out of shape because he’s central to a match fixing conspiracy that’s effecting him harder than any transfer rumours ever could?

    He looks in terrible mental shape. Really terrible. This happens to sevco managers when Jabba starts to get involved with them. When Jabba starts to order them what to do and say.

    I’m sure Jabba is taking all the credit for sevco being second. He is after all the most powerful man in Scottish football.

  6. Mcinnes is/was a solid, consulate professional. But in past few weeks he had let his heart rule his head.

    As manager of Scotland’s number two team, and a great club with a solid history, in Scotland and in Europe, a reasonably strong fan base. It’s his duty in holding that office to not let stuff like this affect him as it has.

    You sit tight, and make a noise Derek, ie. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon and PS, I defo won’t go to another prem league team in Scotland. I’m in charge of a good lot here why go downmarket.

    Or B) if your heart rules your head., just say it , I WANT TO TO LEAVE AND GO TO IBROX. drive down the compo and instigate it. Instead all this fannying about has massively damaged the fortunes of his team. A well supported club with players who frankly Deserve better.

    He’s damaged his own reputation.

    Easy to sit here and say, but genuinely if celtic were in the Sevco way (i know I know) and I was Mcinnes, sod the whole Celtic Park paradise thing, i wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole, my club i lives would be dead and the imposters et al. Well fuck them and they are in deep shit. Move on when times right and get a job in English championship with view to Prem league.

    His stock is and was High, for his own career sake he must shore up things. Or go to Sevco and well hell mend the man. He’s on the hiding to nothing there

  7. If McInnes does not move to Sevco, especially if they have to settle for Murtry, then there will be a high level need for SMSM deflection. My guess is they’d throw McInnes under a bus. (Pun not intended.)

  8. McInnes has lost the respect of the Dandies. On the pitch and the terraces. Milne is also right getting flak, even more so if DM walks as predicted.
    Do we even want after the last 2 games? 6 defenders, no wingers at Ibrox? Threw the game in my opinion. He’s like a rabbit in the headlights.
    The SMSM has pushed this to the limit. Handy destabilising before and during a back to back fixture, AGM and general Hun tactics of tapping up. Things are stale and a bit rank at Pittodrie at the moment. DM may have no option but to go after this debacle.

  9. Missing the point are some people who think DMI was outmanouvered and outflanked. The bigger picture had DMI moved to Sevco after Sevco dropping 12 points would have ensured empty seats and empty tables and possibly the new Tesco.
    There was a gamble taking by DMI and it was as stated above even if this backfires he is still level with Sevco and capable of sustaining the challenge if he has to remain. one thingis certain though McLean is leaving and is not interested he had his eye on DMI and his own transfer.

  10. Well when, if reported correctly, someone comes up and starts offering you three times what is already an unbelievable salary for managing a football team, I defy anyone not to be “conflicted” and lose the plot a bit. At these sort of levels of football, less than 5% makes the difference between getting to a ball or making a tackle and not.

    But contracts are contracts and need to be adhered to otherwise there are consequences.

    1. Absolutely wonderful article Succulent Humble Pie. Possibly the most balanced, fearless and observant journalism I have seen on this subject. Credit Sarah Nelson, pity the brown brogue biased press weren’t as courageous.

    2. good read and thanks for highlighting.
      Aberdeen have had a mare since the sevco job became available. only a week ago there was chat of a 12 point gap between sevco and second place, which would have been very difficult to overcome. how did they address that, well first of all they unsettled the manager in second place (the past ten days have been drawn out as in the aforementioned article). secondly they’ve had a home advantage (which they seem to have had against celtic aberdeen hearts and hibs) in the first game and they also had a certain “fast tracked” referee in the game also. when they’ve benefited from two offside goals in the two games to claw back the gap (to second place), some may be forgiven for being rather cynical.

      never the less, i hope Derek gets the job, being a rangers man (no sniggering in the back), because he doesnt have the ability to beat motherwell, celtic or a poor sevco that even rangers man billy dodds was able to humiliate

    3. The article is clearly labelled “Fans’ view” so was not written by any of the lamb purveyors at the Scotsman, which explains a lot. The fact that it is more objective, eloquent, reasoned and accurate than anything put into print on the subject by a Scottish “journalist” speaks volumes and explains why these publications, almost without exception, are circling the drain.

  11. I have a source who assures me that Mr.McInness is not leaving Aberdeen.
    Sevco had been playing mind games regarding the two recent fixtures …and it worked a treat.
    It also was a sop to the Gullabillies to enable the Sevco Board to calm the waters of the AGM.
    I would also add however… that should my source be proved wrong….( he sometimes is)….and said gentleman does end up there…Then any credibility Mr.McInness ever had… is fecked.
    At no time has he indicated remotely that this is on the cards….so if he goes to Sevco….
    Then his reputation is shot.
    I trust my source.
    Hail hail

    1. Mike, his reputation is shot anyway, he and his players bottle it every time they come up against a decent team, and Sevco. I hope he does defect, he is a dud of the highest ORDER, ahem!!!!!

      Hail hail

  12. Wait till the artic weather comes they cant afford to put oan the undersoil heating a heard glib put out an sos tae big fat dj and Jabba fur some auld t-shirts tae spread oan the pitch a think 6 aff each should dae the trick.Don’t get me started oan the roofs lol

  13. Yet rumours are that the Aberdeen players are furious at DM for him NOT coming out in public saying he is not interested in the job and slating him for his tactics and team selection.

    The last two games are the worst games I’ve seen Aberdeen play in a long, long time. There was simply no fight or urgency which is strange considering a 3-0 loss to the same team on Wednesday.

    I fear DM will not be the Sevco manager BUT has also lost the respect of his players and fans at Aberdeen, he clearly has lost the dressing room after such performances all of which started when Pedro got sacked.

    Murty will get it…but as to when it better hurry up or Aberdeen will lose more games…a resurgent Dundee next and there will only be one winner if this nonsense continues.

    If the hatred for Sevco was strong with Aberdeen support it has most certainly risen.

  14. I’m trying to understand the logic of a club wanting to hire the management team of a another club they just soundly outmaneuvered over two legs. Thrashing them in the first one. I mean, you’d have to be a real dysfunctional, basket case of a club to even think like that …. oh, hang on.

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