Rodgers’ men reach an immortal milestone at Paradise

It is a given that the number 67 has a special resonance for the Celtic Family.

Fifty years on the immortal achievement of Stein’s men in Stadio Nacional are celebrated and remembered.

Today Brendan’s Bhoys wrote another piece of their own history.

No team in Scotland has been able to beat Celtic in the last 67 matches.

Those who are desperate for the Parkhead side to stumble would have had some hope today.

With the Champions League crunch match against Anderlecht looming, Rodgers made six changes from the side that turned out midweek to face Motherwell.

Today the third choice striker at Celtic scored three goals against the same Lanarkshire opponents.

The French kid has had very few opportunities to impress since he was loaned from PSG.

Earlier in the season, I spoke to a Dundee player and he told me that Odsonne Édouard was “a handful”.

It has been widely reported that there is an agreed fee (€8m) if Rodgers wants to sign the young striker.

With Celtic already 2-1 up  James Forrest came off and put the contest to bed.

The players who started on the bench today for the Parkhead side would walk into any SPFL side as first picks.

Indeed, the second string players who Rodgers picked to start the match would improve any other team in the SPFL.

Although Celtic have drawn four domestic games so far this season no one in Scotland has been able to beat them.

The reality of this epoch of Fitba unipolarity is starting to become apparent even among the elite ranks of the radar press.

Several of them have written that the only hope for the rest of Scottish football (and by that they mean Sevco) is for the Irishman to tire of winning trophies.

In the immediate aftermath of the historic events of summer 2012, I wrote that the long-term consequences of the death of Rangers would be epochal.

So it has proved.

Sevco are the sporting equivalent of a guest on the Jerry Springer show.

The only team that can stop Celtic in Scotland are Celtic.

For that to happen Brendan Rodgers will have to stop being himself, his driven obsessive self.

yeah, just think about that.

49 thoughts on “Rodgers’ men reach an immortal milestone at Paradise”

  1. Today the Irish Government, the EU and the UK government reached a deal on the Irish border. A joint statement wording was agreed.

    It appears the DUP in Northern Ireland have a difficulty with NI being a unique special case in the UK.

    Even if that Special Case deal is vastly beneficial to the people of NI. Even if it delivers no border and free flow of goods. Even if it delivers the status quo, EU trade regulations.

    The vast majority in NI voted to remain in the EU. So don’t have a problem with current EU trade regulations.

    It appears that the DUP regard EU trade regulations for NI, more important to resist than a borderless island.

    The DUP are cutting off their nose to spite their face. It’s a no brainier better than the rest of the UK deal. Nicola Sturgeon is spitting fire envious of it.

    All because of historical insecurities. Of a defunct mindset that looks to the past rather than the future prosperity of NI.

    The deal should be presented to the people of NI to vote on and not trusted to a DUP veto.

  2. Only Motherwell being cheated saved this record and when players of the standard that Celtic have resort to diving then the game as a fair competition is finished.

    1. There was no diving.
      All football commentators, on reviewing the tv replays from different angles agree.
      You are either mistaken or dislike Celtic to the point of lying.

    2. Oh dear. The Windass dive made Sinclair and MacGregor look like amateurs though he’s still has a lot of work to do to perfect his technique.

  3. Hello Hello is it me your looking for?

    I can see it in your eyes,
    I can see it in your smile,
    You’re all I’ve ever wanted,
    Your arms are open wide.

    Apparently this is the big ask the question day.

    The SMSM are in the know! But hey, Sevco have waited so long he might knock back.

    It won’t be a knock back over the package though! Oh no! There’s money there! It’ll be a big money offer.

  4. Any word from the Hampden bunker as to The Compliance Officer’s ‘investigation’ into the fraudulent 2012 UEFA licence?
    Will he have to put it on the back burner as Ryan Jack launches another appeal against his 5th sending off of the season?
    Is there not a totting up system in Scottish football……just as their appears to be no drug testing programme?

  5. Rogic was just offside but he played to the whistle from 30yds out finishing impressively ,the referee was in a position to halt the game then,he had a few others poor descisions,poor performance from our refs continuing unchecked

    1. Apologies for flogging a dead horse here.
      In the Rogic incident the linesman never raised his flag yet the BBC commentator came to the conclusion that the goal was disdisallowed for offside…. How did they come to that conclusion……mind reading?
      It doesn’t matter a whit whether Rogic was offside or not.
      It was telling that EBT Scotland didn’t slow the action down, draw a line across the park etc etc.
      The linesman never flagged…. Fact!
      From his viewpoint then we can assume that Rogic wasn’t offside, so who changed the decision?
      With Celtic players almost back on the half way line what dialogue was going on between Clancy and his linesman?
      It’s bizarre, perhaps in the pursuit of transparency Fleming will make a statement to clarify what his appointees were doing?
      It’s strange to say the least and the media would be in overdrive if Celtic had been the beneficiary.
      There was no flag, no indication from the officials why the call was made so late after the ref initially awarded the goal.
      Goodness knows the standard of refereeing is abysmal but how does a goal get chalked off when the person with the best view of the incident doesn’t signal offside?
      The only assumption we can come to is that the ref made the uturn decision from his position behind the ball and looking down the park not across it? Oh and there was little reaction from the Well players in the first instance to the decision.
      It’s moments like this that can win or lose games.
      Fortunately the champions were imperious and shrugged off the decision but at 3-0 instead of 2-1 it’s a different ball game.

  6. As suspected, not a single comment on Sportscene wrt the Rogic disallowed goal.
    Not newsworthy or just swept under the carpet.
    EBT Scotland all over.
    Can you imagine a similar incident down south?
    The Match Of The Day pundits would have had a field day but hey this is Scotland.
    Honest mistake, cheating or incompetence, take your pick!

    1. An offside goal should always be shown and reviewed. It should be policy. Same as all cards and tackles where a card should have been given.

  7. Its Just Grand,Wakening up on a Sunday Morning with the realisation My Club are 67 games Undefeated and Counting.Now it doesnt even matter what the SMSM blab.Anything else Outwith Paradise is Irrelevant.Well Done to Brendan and the Bhoys.Our Wonderful Club Goes from Strength to Strength And Towering Above and Beyond Every Other Club in the Premier,Is All I Ask and Cmon Aberdeen Today.HooPy Times,Indeed..HH

  8. just keep on doing it celtic could we go another full season unbeaten hard to see it but keep going the way we are it could be on the cards

  9. What has pissed me off more than anything…has been the “need” …by the Scottish Media… to continually re-visit the penalty incidents in our recent games against Murderwell.
    On my way to CP today…I listened to a re-hash of the crap that had been spouted over the last few days …on BBC Hun Radio Scotland.
    What disappointed me more than anything was…Packy Bonnar decided to debate these decisions with Steven “The Hun” Thompson. ..again.
    Personally I would have told him and Richard Gordon to feck off…The subject is closed…!!
    But that’s just me.
    Unless you’re really thick, however,…you may have noticed that by doing this…it means that they don’t have to look at controversial incidents from the Bigot Dome on the same night.
    Two Sevco players possibly could have been red carded…?? Hardly a mention.
    One Aberdeen player pulled back in the box as he was about to shoot…who cares..?
    Third goal clearly offside….Ach well…honest mistake.
    I’m really glad, however, that BR now seems to be taking up the cudgel…and telling it like it is.
    We’ve taken this crap for too long.

    1. Mike if their blatant bias and underhand ways are getting to you that much just stop paying the ‘LIE’cense fee.It was decriminalised in Jan.’17 coming into effect April ‘17,it’s probably the only protest that would make them pay Our Club any respect.Paying empowers them to demean Celtic FC. and for me that cannot go unchecked.
      Finding out before it became public knowledge recently,that Gary Lineker’s remuneration package is worth more per annum than what the beeb put into the whole of Scottish Football was the last straw for me.
      G’luck,whatever route you choose,?
      Thanks again Phil,keep at it ,however I think doing so is now a part of who you are and what you’re all about.Respect Mr.HH.
      I only wish that the Scottish media had a scintilla of your ways,true investigative journalism is an alien concept to most of them.

  10. Please sign a new two year extended deal Brendan .. what a wee boost that would be for us all and a huge kick in the stones for the SMSM and all others.

  11. Celtic blew Motherwell away today,it was a fantastic watch.I think that’s now 76 goals scored,if you include the 5-0 v Sunderland,his season.
    Odsonne Édouard is a natural and seemed to fit right into the team,although obviously he could do with more starts to help boost his confidence.Personally,I would cash in on Dembele while his stock is high and before he gets another injury.Then buy Édouard from PSG who is a more than capable replacement,Griffiths would then really flourish knowing that he HAS to produce.
    That Dundee player wasn’t exaggerating Phil.

      1. 67 undefeated in Britain AND Belgium!

        For a Celtic fan those Man City & Anderlecht matches were incredible 🙂


        HH to all the Celtic Family!

  12. Today I turned 50, which ofcourse means I was born in 1967 just after the Lions made history. Great to see this generation of players for my team make history of their ow, with 67 domestic games unbeaten. What a time to be a tim!

  13. Phil, I share your joy. The first league match at Celtic Park in nigh on a month was a joy to behold. The Magic of 67 undefeated is just another chapter in the enchanted history of our Celtic family. The poetry of your pieces does not go unnoticed! All the best to you and your, and to all who read and appreciate writing void of servility and malice!

  14. Much was made in some quarters last week about equalling Stein’s record of four successive domestic trophies. Stein’s record is actually five. He won the treble in ’68/’69 and the League Cup at the start of the following season. He then tied up the title before they were controversially beaten by Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup final, denying him a double treble.

    1. BR has won the first four trophies he has contested at CFC. Did big Jock win the first four he contested? No one is taking away from what big Jock achieved by highlighting what BR has achieved with his team

    2. I think Stein did 5 trophies in a row twice.

      We won the treble in 1966-67, won the League Cup and the title the following season while Dunfermline won the Scottish Cup at the end of the season having knocked us out in the first round at Celtic Park.

      You could say it’s six trophies in a row if you also count the European Champions’ Cup in the treble season!

      1. Does the Glasgow Cup win in 67 not count? Celtic won all competitions entered that season. Total of 5 trophies. The Glasgow Cup was a senior side competition then.

      2. No. Looking only at domestic trophies available to ALL senior clubs the five you refer to can’t count as we had been knocked out of the Scottish Cup BEFORE we clinched the title. If however, you were to widen things out to include ALL competitions before that Scottish Cup elimination, ie, the Glasgow Cup – which was still a fairly big tournament then – the European tournaments and the Di Stefano trophy, big Jock’s record is truly impressive. Of his first THIRTEEN tournaments he won ELEVEN. Two League Titles.
        Three League Cups.
        Two Scottish Cups.
        Two Glasgow Cups. (The tournament wasn’t played in 1966)
        The European Champions Cup
        And the Di Stefano Trophy.
        Celtic were defeated controversially by Liverpool, in 1966, in the semis of the old Cup-Winners Cup. I believe Shankley went into the Celtic dressing room after the game and apologised to Stein and the players.
        They also lost the Scottish Cup final in the same year, going down 1-0 to Rangers after a replay. It was about the only time they crossed the halfway line that night. But like the Caffrey’s I’m not bitter!! It was 51 years ago it hardly annoys me any more.

        1. As the Scottish Cup final was not contested till the end of the season then the League Championship trophy was clinched chronologically before the Scottish Cup.

          It doesn’t matter that Celtic were knocked out in earlier rounds. It’s still 5 domestic trophies in a row.

          1. Can’t go with that I’m afraid. If the title had already been clinched, and we had gone out in, say the semi, then I would go along with you. The Final is the last game of the season, but the two competitions run concurrently.

          2. I disagree Charger!

            The League championship ended before the Scottish Cup so counts as a consecutive trophy.

            Or does anyone have the definitive on this rather than opinion?

  15. Phil you are wrong in your assumption that only Celtic can stop Celtic.

    Today there was one of the worst decisions I’ve seen in years, and I’ve seen a few.

    Rogic goes through to make it 3-0, game over. Looked suspiciously offside but no flag from the main stand linesmen. Celtic players are almost back in their half after goal celebrations and the ref runs towards the linesman, quick chat and the ref then disallows the goal.
    I would love to hear the conversation they had.
    Ref to linesman: wasn’t he offside
    Linesman: I wasn’t sure
    Ref: good enough for me, offside it is.
    So the linesman didn’t raise his flag, temporary arm paralysis or what?
    Has the ref overruled the linesman, from a worse position?
    I’ve never seen anything like it. In fact I’m sure the laws of the game have been transgressed by the officials.
    67 unbeaten domestically but decisions like today will trip Celtic up at some stage.
    Fortunately the Bhoys played as well today as they have for some months and defied the decisions of the officials.
    No more honest mistakes, it’s been done right in front of our faces.



    1. Get what your saying but disagree. If the right decision was offside then it is a good decision . I also thought he was offside .

  16. You could take your views on our fringe players further Phil. You could make a good case for OUR man at Pittodrie being the best player of our nearest rivals. Incidentally, today was the first good look I’ve had at young Edouard. I was most impressed with everything about him. Good first touch, quick feet, very strong and good balance. Long term he could turn out to be a snip at €8m.

  17. It’s an incredible achievement to honour the lions. The young french striker looks like he has clicked in the team. I still feel the team will go into fifth gear if we get into the Europa cup. Some big teams in there.

    1. I think emotion’s were clearly running high given their disappointment in the cup. To be fair to Robinson, he did not over do the self pity after Weds. Like it or loath it the last week has been an interesting one, in the game up here. We have came through against a difficult opponent setting us up for an unbeaten Calendar year Domestically. Let us stay focused on the football. Let those with a subjective narrative, continue to make an arse of themselves. It makes winning so much sweeter.

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