Mind the canyon

The morning after Celtic had beaten Astana 5-0 at Celtic Park the Serious Professional was in, well, a serious mood.

He remarked to a Quintessentially British colleague that the financial gap between Celtic and their club was now “as wide as the Grand Canyon”.

Moreover, he added, “I wonder if our Evel Knievel in South Africa will be able to leap across it”.

Oh dear…

Moreover, he didn’t get a realistic response to his observations when he pointed out that “…that’s a minimum of forty million in Celtic’s pocket”.

A colleague pointed out that VAT would have to be deducted from that windfall sum.

“It’s still forty million” countered the ex-Motherwell chap.

Celtic closed the deal tonight in Kazakhstan.

Damn nervy it was too in the first period of the second half.

However, it is job done.

Qualifying for the Champions League group stages twice in a row now puts Celtic’s finances on a level that Sevco cannot even think of matching.

Of course, we shouldn’t think that Celtic will derive any sporting advantage from having a football budget that dwarfs all other clubs in Scotland.

The idea that more money is some kind of help in professional sport is just plain daft.

Isn’t it?

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