Angry of Ibrox

I’m sad to have to report that Ibrox wasn’t a happy place yesterday.

Indeed, anger was the main emotion swirling around the Sevco High Command.

Firstly, there is the ongoing irritant of your humble correspondent.

There was, once more, accusation and counter-accusation about someone n the Blue Room leaking in my direction.

Apparently, this piece, in particular, caused some angst.

Yous see, dear reader, they didn’t want you to know this stuff.

For the avoidance of doubt, I never discuss sources.

Fortunately for the Sevco High Command, it is a well-established fact that The People will not believe this Fenian.

Like when I told them that their original club could not see out the 2011-2012 without experiencing an insolvency event.

They didn’t believe me then.

I think that is down to…err… kultural issues that they have with Irish people.

Which is very sad.

However, more and more among the Ibrox clientele are starting to ask difficult questions of those in leadership positions at the Holding Company Vehicle.

Some of the paying punters now want to know why players have been allowed to leave Ibrox for small fees while the players brought in to replace them aren’t as good.

The Sevco High Command were also irked that the bespoke third kit from Puma looks suspiciously like  £10.00 training top with a crest on it.

An inter-galactic PR guru was tasked with taking the German sportswear giant to ask.

So he called them.

Very angry he was.

Oh dear…

It didn’t go well.

Of course, the Take Over panel thingy looms large and the possible outcomes of that are now a daily topic of conversation in the Sevco bunker.

In the end, though, the main issue for the Holding Company Vehicle is money or the lack of it.

The stark reality is that the Sevco High Command bet the Quintessentially British farm on reaching the Europa League group stages this season.

Pedro’s failure to make Progrès on that front has gouged a £6m a hole in their budget.

That European defeat could prove to be as significant as Super Salary’s failure against Malmo in 2011.

Interesting times…

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