The Sevco High Command seek the source of denial

I was saddened to hear that an air of distrust and suspicion recently descended over the centre of sporting mediocrity that is Murray Park.

Apparently, your humble correspondent was largely to blame.

You see dear read the recent manifestation of fighting spirit on the playing fields of Auchenhowie was meant to remain in-house.

Alas, you read it about it here very quickly after the events had taken place.

The entire Sevco High Command was galvanised into Churchillian action.

This security breach into the goings on at the Forbidden City at Milngavie was a situation up with which they were not about to put.

Indeed accusations of treachery were levelled at the moderator of the Quintessentially British WhatsApp group.

I’m told that his accusers were the Serious Professional and an inter-galactic PR guru.

The entire squad was left in no doubt that anything that happens at Murray Park should stay in-house.

Ah if only the Sevco High Command had just to contend with the obedient stenographers then there would have been no need for that tetchy pep talk.

The fact remains that there is a split dressing room at the Engine Room Subsidiary and trying to suppress that will not make that reality disappear.

For the avoidance of doubt, I never discuss sources.

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