Fair-weather Messiah

It was 21 degrees in Glasgow yesterday.

According to the meteorological folk, the historical average temperature for that day of the year on Clydeside is 19 degrees.

So not a bad day then for all that.

However, there was one arriviste who was unimpressed with the ambient temperature at his new place of work.

Indeed I’m told that Senhor Bruno Eduardo Regufe Alves thought it a bit parky at Murray Park.

Now, as a student of the beautiful game, I have noticed that association football is usually played outdoors.

Consequently, the weather tends to play a role in the proceedings.

I recall many years ago that Celtic acquired the services of one Rafael Felipe Scheidt.

A native of Brazil he met up with his new team mates in their training camp in the Algarve.

It was scorchio when he alighted from the plane in faro, but still had to rely on a hoodie to keep the chills at bay!

He lasted three games…

Now Senhor Alves is a very good player with an excellent pedigree.

However, if a Glasgow at 21 degrees was a bit inclement for big Bruno then I wonder how we will deal with Dingwall on a November night…

The Portuguese Guardiola/ Poundshop Mourinho (delete as applicable) was gushing in his enthusiasm for the arrival of his leader yesterday.

Such was his giddiness that some of the old crew were decidedly nonplussed that the big stopper had finally turned up.

I’m told that Senhor Alves did his teammates the honour of playing in a bounce match towards the end of the session.

As we have seen recently footie at Auchenhowie is very much a full contact sport.

Consequently, the new arrival sportingly left his foot in and this resulted in a Quintessentially British player crumpled in a heap.

I can only imagine the Churchillian nature of the WhatsApp group last night!

Sadly the departure of Mr Matt Davidson Rider Crooks from the Engine Room Subsidiary depletes the numbers of the Quintessentially British at Murray Park.

I wish the young man well.

The main stream media stated that he had left Sevco for Northampton Town for “an undisclosed fee”.

I’m told that is code for £75k all in with the Holding Company Vehicle netting about £50k.

For the avoidance of doubt, the latter sum does not cover two weeks salary for  Senhor Bruno Eduardo Regufe Alves.

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