Graham Dorrans joins a troubled crew

One of the most interesting things about the signing of Graham Dorrans was how it was financed.

I’m told that the member of the Sevco High Command who was asked to write a cheque refused to do so.

This is significant as this is the man who has been keeping the show on the road.

Yet despite the best attempts from his esteemed chairman south of the Limpopo the West of Scotland based director refused to pony up.

Consequently, the monies that Norwich City received came from central Sevco funds.

I was surprised to learn that the English club was happy to accept the transfer fee in two tranches.

The response of said West of Scotland based director to the Dorrans saga is instructive.

As it currently stands there will be a requirement for fresh funds at the end of September.

Last year emergency cash was required at the end of October.

Remember that we have already seen that Sevco required external finance last month.

We know this because Mr David Cunningham King said so in a presser.

Taking my lead from Judge Southwood I didn’t take the convicted criminal’s word for it and I checked with other sources.

On this occasion, Mr King was being truthful and Sevco did indeed require emergency funding in June.

The half-arsed financial plan that they were operating on this for this season was heavily reliant on Europa League revenue.

It must be clear, even to The People, that there will be no more European money this season as Sevco did not Progres in Europe.

Consequently, the chaps in the Blue Room will need a cunning plan.

A plan so cunning that it might have been thought up by a Professor of Cunning with 41 criminal convictions.

However, I’m sure that Mr Dorrans will do well at his new Engine Room Subsidiary.

He will know that he is accepted among his Quintessentially British work colleagues when he receives a WhatsApp invite.

I hope he does.

That would be nice.

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