No appetite for justice among the stenographers

In the aftermath of the ruling by the UK Supreme Court, the response of ordinary fans who paid into matches for over a decade was entirely understandable, and it was this:

Strip the titles.

However, the stenographers tried to provide some moral guidance to their readers on this issue.

Oh dear…

I believe that in doing so, they merely proved that the consumption of succulent lamb has been at a very high-Level recently.

Ironically the message they were told to convey was “there is no appetite”

Au contraire!

Indeed, there is a real hunger for justice among the many tribes of Planet Fitba.

Genuine fans saw their teams go hungry through the EBT years.

Now they intend to eat their fill.

It has been an unedifying sight over the past couple of days to see bought and paid for hacks cheatsplaining to their dwindling readerships.

Yes, there are one or two notable exceptions.

However, most of them are obeying their high-Level orders.

When you clear away the obfuscation and the shoal of red herrings the message from the stenographers shamefully is clear:

The titles that were won by scamming the tax man in order to provide an unfair advantage over other teams must be allowed in the record books.

In short, the cheats must be allowed to keep what they won by cheating.

Therefore the cheating was successful as the titles remain with the cheats.

That is the message from the local media, and that is what they want their readers to agree with.

I’ll just leave that here…

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