Guerrilla warfare at Sevco

I think that when Mr Graham Dorrans arrives at his new place of work he will find that some of his colleagues are revolting.

It is beyond dispute that a senior professional at Sevco is organising a guerrilla campaign against Senhor Caixinha.

This hero of The People is speaking to any journalist that will listen to him about his plight at the five-year-old club.

However, the stenographers have high-Level orders to keep it all under wraps.

The highly experienced player was particularly incensed that Barrie McKay had been sold for well below his true market value.

Moreover, he was of the opinion that the additions that Senhor Caixinha has brought in are below the required standard.

He trenchantly stated this point of view in less than parliamentary terms to the likeable Portuguese chap in the immediate aftermath of the Luxembourg debacle.

I’m told that even after a day off the experienced player was still seething at training this morning.

Of course, it might be that the senior professional just isn’t very good in the mid-transition counter press…

The good news is that Senhor Alves will soon turn up and make everyone happy.

Indeed, his new teammates can tell the veteran Portuguese stopper about their recent exploits in Europe!

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