Sevco in Europe

There was a time when the Fitba Fourth Estate only concerned themselves with football clubs.

Well, only one football club if truth be told.

Then in 2012, they had to learn to say terms like “Holding Company Vehicle” and “Engine Room Subsidiary” with a straight face.

It was bad enough that they missed the biggest story of their professional career; the impending financial collapse of Rangers in 2011-2012.

However, they compounded that journalistic failure by indulging in Liquidation Denial to sooth The People.

The day that the CVA was rejected the cameras were outside of Ibrox.

One of the fans said that “it’s like a death in the family”, he was correct.

Death had indeed occurred.

Then only recently the new chap on the RIFC board Alastair Johnson stated on camera that Mr Craig Whyte should have been charged with “…the murder of an institution…” he was rather emotional when he said it.

Over the last few days, the stenographers have been in a rather unseemly lather about “Rangers back in Europe”.

Every time this Orwellian lie is told it is a gob of spit propelled into the eyeball of a creditor.

There are 276 of them to be precise, including family-run businesses and the Ambulance service.

If you buy into the “same club”  myth then you have to admit that “Rangers” just did walking away from what they owed those businesses and the British taxpayer.


Once Liquidation Denial is extant, then it is a sine qua non that there must be a genuflection in the direction of the Sevco simulacrum.

The lie has been told, and therefore they must stick to that lie.

Stating that Sevco is the original Rangers appears to be an essential requirement for employment at a sports desk in Fair Caledonia.

Of course, there is no denying that it will be the same fan base that cheers on Sevco tonight.

I trust that the UEFA match delegate has been briefed on the specifics of the Ibrox discriminatory song sheet.

They have previous.

However, don’t expect the stenographers to hear anything.

Tonight Sevco play their inaugural competitive match in Europe.

However, you will not read that sentence in the mainstream.

By collectively signing up to Liquidation Denial after the death of Rangers they agreed to consign themselves to journalistic irrelevance.

In the pre-digital age, this would have been an unopposed lie imposed upon the public.

Now, there is an alternative to the PR generated spin.

The impending collapse of Rangers (1872) was charted in serious detail here.

Events utterly vindicated the journalism that was produced on this site.

Moreover, the calamitous early years of Sevco have also been laid out here.

Some important folk would rather that you trusted the mainstream on these matters.

That’s the mainstream that told you that Craig Whyte was a billionaire.

By reading this, you’re part of the alternative to paid-for spin that suits the agendas of the powerful.

Tonight Sevco play their first competitive match in Europe.

Any journalist who can’t agree to that basic statement is part of the problem.


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