The amazing Progres of Senhor Caixinha

The Sevco High Command must have been in a jubilant mood last night at the fine performance of their team in UEFA competition for the first time.

I think they were very pleased with the quality of football on show.

Indeed, one was so enthused that he remarked to his Blue Room colleague that it was like watching a team coached by Ally McCoist!

Harking back to the days when Super Salary was in the dugout really does say it all.

It is a measure of Portuguese genius that he has been able to unite the disparate parts of his squad into a harmonious unit so quickly.

The inspirational leadership of the Senhor Caixinha has spread harmony throughout the team.

Of course, it could all have been so different.

A lesser manager may have inadvertently created a situation whereby the established players he inherited decided to lobby against him.

In this unfortunate scenario, senior pros would approach members of the board and complain about the new coach.

Indeed, a nightmare situation could develop whereby a player who is the darling of the supporters would be telling board members that they had made a terrible mistake in appointing the new chap.

Furthermore, a linguistic barrier between some of the new players and the established incumbents could also have created difficulties.

Not so for Pedro.

After the impressive performance last night against the highly rated Progres Niederkorn, it is clear that he has magical powers.

I’m afraid that this could be a long and difficult season for the green side of Glasgow.

As it is medically proven that prolonged laughing can be harmful.

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