The importance of keeping schtum

“Less is more” is a valuable lesson in the world of spin.

Moreover, knowing when to quit while you’re ahead is a vital skill in the murky world of PR.

I’m hearing that the Serious Professional had to engage in a chat across the pond with a man who recently reported that an institution had been murdered.

The Ibrox based chap wanted the man in the US of A to try and reign their highly esteemed chairman.

Apparently, in a news universe far far away an inter-galactic PR guru was going into orbit about the breathless coverage of King’s batshit opinions.

I’m told that a poor babbling stenographer tried to placate his master by saying that the thought he was doing what he had been ordered to do.

The first problem was that Mr King had not kept entirely to the script in the high-Level presser.

I’m told that mentioning the need for emergency loans in June wasn’t what they had rehearsed.

Then the South African based entrepreneur decided to give his views on the validity of the titles won by Celtic.

It was at this point that transatlantic communications were required.

I think it was clear to the Serious Professional that he was witnessing PR overkill from his chairman.

It would appear that keeping schtum at the appropriate time doesn’t seem to be in Mr King’s skillset.

There might have been a concern that Celtic could have struggled to motivate themselves for a new campaign after achieving full spectrum dominance in Scotland last season.

However, I think Mr King may have inadvertently solved that problem!

The fact that Poor Pedro has now stated that he is on the same frequency as his esteemed chairman sets it all up rather nicely.

Perhaps seeing out the next twelve months in Azerbaijan could prove to be a smart move.

Happy Hallidays…

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