Mr Llambias has his say

It has been a busy week for the Sevco High Command.

On Monday it was a serious sit down with auditors Campbell Dallas.

Now I’m sure that went swimmingly.

Then yesterday, in an entirely coincidental development, there was a dignified delegation in the Square Mile desperately looking for emergency finance.

Then last night Derek Llambias contacted the media with his views on the current regime.

My understanding is that this was a General Ashley authorised operation to counteract the high-Level fake news about the Director of Fantasy interviews.

Dear reader, you will note that Mr Derek Llambias very rarely appears in the media and the ex-Sevco CEO chose his words very carefully.

My information is that there was some high-Level dudgeon that the Englishman was given airtime apropos Sevco.

The anger was that this was on the same day and on the same channel as well!

Ah, bless…

Actually, Mr Llambias is worth listening to regarding Sevco finances.

I was recently advised by an impeccable source that when he was in the Blue Room in early 2015, the Holding Company vehicle was within one-quarter of becoming cash flow neutral.

They had costs under control, they had realistic wages, and the gravy train expenses culture had been stopped.

Moreover, the Engine Room Subsidiary also had access to the sports science facilities and promising players of Newcastle United.

My information is that there was no lifesaving finance located in the Square Mile this week.

The only institutions that were possibility interested are lenders that would amount to a fatal cure for sickly Sevco.

Punitive rates, assets secured and directors put in charge.

Oh, and it is payday tomorrow…

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