Ongoing issues for the Sevco High Command

The meeting of the Sevco High Command this morning was very poorly attended.

My understanding that the Serious Professional and only two directors were in attendance.

My information is that Mr David Cunningham King did not call in.

One of the dignified chaps who did turn up was massively irked by the recent PR offensive by General Ashley.

The small, but dignified conclave, also discussed how the national media has been in touch to ascertain if there had been any progress in selecting the Director of Fantasy.

There was nothing succulent to serve up to the stenographers.

I think it is fair to say that the Sevco High Command have a  few very challenging weeks in front of them.

Representatives of the Ibrox Three have been in touch to make it very clear that they will not tolerate any stalling on their case.

Of course, General Ashley is awaiting his day in court against the Holding Company Vehicle.

If Big Mike wins then Sevco will have a very big bill to pay.

This month another loan was required to make payroll.

Essentially two directors are now paying the bills and the Serious Professional is trying to keep the entire flying circus in the air.

Of course, Mr David Cunningham King would always decide to…ahem…”overinvest”.

Whatever it takes and all that.

Next month, regardless of the court cases, another loan will be required to keep the lights on.

Almost certainly it will be the same two directors.

Meanwhile, the People are aching for some good news, some little bit of hope.

Undoubtedly, many of them would like to see Mr Alex McLeish brought back to Ibrox to manage the new club.

That might happen, but as of this morning, no one from Sevco had been touch with the ex-Aberdeen stopper.

In a few short months, the season ticket drive will start again.

Consequently, it will be necessary to feed The People a hopeful narrative.

They are such trusting types that I’m sure they will believe whatever they are told as long as the messenger appears suitably dignified.


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