The onerous cost of letting the Magic Hat go

I hear that there was a free and frank exchange of views within the Sevco High Command after the Hearts match.

One director of the Holding Company Vehicle was urging to his Blue Room colleague that the Admirable Warburton should be sacked without further delay.

Like much of the Ibrox clientele,  the angry director was suffering from disassociation from financial reality.

February will be another financially challenging month for Sevco.

This was the last home league match today.

The Engine Room Subsidiary will guest Greenock Morton next week end in the cup.

Of course, that means a share of the gate.

Then it is away to Dundee (19th) and ICT (24th) in the league for the rest of February.

The next home league match at Ibrox after today is Wednesday, March 1st against St Johnstone.

This means that another loan will be required to meet payroll this month.

So here we have one Sevco director who hasn’t put a penny into the Holding Company Vehicle demanding that the Admirable be sacked.

His boardroom colleague who was hearing him out then simply stated:

“If you want him sacked then you put your hand in your pocket and pay him off!”

The angry director then put his head down and adopted a dignified silence.

Oh dear…

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