Letting the side down and signing the jerseys

I think it is safe to say that the Penny Arcade has finally dropped for some of The People.

Failure to defeat Ross County at the third attempt probably underlined how difficult life will be for the Engine Room Subsidiary after the split.

And yes, I thought that Sevco would prevail against the Staggies at the stadium that John Brown played for.

So apologies to the men from Dingwall.

Although the Engine Room Subsidiary has developed severe mechanical problems on the park, it is off-field issues that should be keeping The People awake at night.

There was once a young man in a Glasgow TV studio who smirked and said that there were “no dark clouds over Ibrox”.

Well, peace be upon him, because he really should have a look there right now.

Another crisis loan will be required from the directors this month to meet payroll and other essential bills

For the avoidance of doubt, Mr David Cunningham King is unlikely to be a contributor to that effort.

General Ashley is marshalling his legal battalions for a March offensive on the Holding Company Vehicle.

The Sports Direct tycoon has played a long game since the Off Licence Putsch of March 2015.

His overall stagey was based on the belief that the chaps in the Blue Room would ultimately run out of cash.

Despite all of the blustering of Mr David Cunningham King about taking Ashley to court over the retail deal, it hasn’t happened.

The Rangers Retail Limited agreement still has five years to run.

Beyond that date, Big Mike will remain the landlord of the megastore for until the middle of the next decade.

The retail deal remains extant because legal opinion has been uncharacteristically unequivocal about the contact.

Quite frankly, it’s bomb proof.

Therefore, challenging it in court would simply be a waste of money that they don’t have.

The relationship with Puma has also broken down to such an extent that the Engine Room Subsidiary has been supplied with only what is stipulated in the contract and nothing more.

I have recently heard that charities have been told to buy replica kits if they want them signed by the Sevco squad.

For the avoidance of doubt across the city, Celtic will happily supply the shirts free of charge to any good cause.

What we have at the moment in Planet Fitba is a ramshackle outfit pretending to be Rangers (1872).

The divergence between representation and reality is marked and will only get worse.

Given the recent results, the speculation on the chap who will replace the Admirable Warburton has already started.

It is a cruel and unedifying spectacle as a decent man tries to save his job.

When Ronny Deila was struggling the stenographers were gleeful in heaping pressure onto the likeable Norwegian.

Now it is open season on the ex-City trader.

Moreover, I suspect that this has been authorised at a high-Level.

The party line out of Ibrox now is that coming second was the objective for this season all along.

Yet last summer, The People lapped up the “going for 55” pish as season tickets were being flogged.

When things are going badly for a football team, it is usual for the fans to focus on one particular player as the source of all the on-field ills.

The accepted term for such an unfortunate is ‘whipping boy’.

Given the worldview of much of the Ibrox clientele, I wasn’t surprised to learn that they had decided that Republic of Ireland international Rob Kiernan was the guilty man.

The 26-year-old defender has captained his country at Under 19 level.

To focus on ONE player as the reason for Sevco’s football ills stretches the data to breaking point.

However, it is clear that The People live in an alternative dignified reality from the rest of society.

That was brilliantly portrayed in Danny Boyle’s new movie Trainspotting 2 where there is a wickedly accurate portrayal of a certain sub culture.

Renton’s narration explains that The People have been left behind by modern Scotland.

My own experience of these dignified sentinels of…ahem…British ‘greatness’ is that they do not like it when anyone holds a mirror up to them.

It is a belief system that culturally authorises the stupidity of Spud and the criminal viciousness of Begbie.

Now I know why one ex-Blue Room chap, peace be upon him, was so exercised by this cinematic portrayal of a large section of the Ibrox customer base.

The Shankill Butcher ethnic cleansing singalong is simultaneously hilarious and chilling.

In a story about drug addiction, the two ex-junkies end up on stage feeding Herrenvolk hallucinogens to The People.

True to life it ends up with the drunken fascist rabble being fleeced of what little money they have.

I saw the film last night, and I can highly recommend it.

As for Sevco, if this movie were on Netflix then it would definitely be in the horror category.

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