Monsieur Joey and that gobshite Trump

Today I undertsand that the Holding Company Vehicle received a very stiff letter from the Agent of Monsieur Joey.

I am told that it was “just below legal”.

My understanding is that it was apropos the alleged leaking of Mr Barton’s medical details to the media.

There was also the issue about the withdrawal of his access to first team facilities e.g. his locker, car park etc.

I think it is fair to say that the Engine Room Subsidiary has badly mishandled the entire fiasco with their French-speaking playmaker.

Indeed, I would be amazed if the Scouse Sartre accepted anything less than the full value of his contract To Do Walking Away.

The Holding Company Vehicle had scraped enough to pay him until January with a non-disclosure agreement as part of the deal.

However, this was rebuffed.

I can only imagine that the prospect of Joey let loose on the London media with no gagging agreement in place is an appalling vista.

At time of writing I am being told by an excellent inside source of a fractured dressing room.

Any intrepid stenographer out there might want to get an exclusive interview with young Masters O’Halloran and Tavernier.

Even Philippe Senderos thinks that perhaps he moved too quickly in his move to Sevco.

One of Joey’s team mates recently pointed out that Barton had only really been guilty of telling the truth about the quality of their performance against Celtic.

Recently Mr Stewart Robertson put the facts straight on the Lion Brand to Mr David Cunningham King.

As per the court case with Sports Direct next month I am told that the South African based entrepreneur will not be available to attend.

There is no legal requirement for him to be there, but it does send a message.

Of course, the Holding Company Vehicle will be   represented by an immaculately coiffed substitute.

I am told that the Admirable Warburton and Mr Stewart Robertson had a sit down.

Interestingly it took place out with the environs of Ibrox or the place that used to be called Murray Park.

I understand that it was an open and warn conclave where both men admitted to their errors of judgment apropos their decision to become workers in the Engine Rom Subsidiary.

On a human level I can feel for both men.

I have spoken on the phone to the Sevco supremo and it is clear that Mark Warburton is a seriously decent man.

Stewart Robertson was counselled by an ex-Motherwell colleague when he was weighing up the move to the Holding Company Vehicle at Ibrox.

I think it is fair to say now that Mr Robertson regrets not listening to the advice he was given.

So the situation is even more chaos than what passes for normal at Sevco.

Of course, dear reader you wouldn’t know that by looking at the mainstream

That’s why this site is as busy as it is.

The usual promise remains extant:

The content here is free of contaminated lamb and does not contain harmful PR additives.

That’s why your support is invaluable.

Now if I can bring you up to speed from the Media Village at the Web Summit in Lisbon between recruiting folk to the NUJ.

Then why can’t sports desks in Glasgow just level with you?

Perhaps they’re on a different Level.

Oh and then there’s that gobshite  in Trump America.

Ah, don’t start me…

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