Tweets and tank treads

In May 2015 Twitter was regaled one night with an Off The Radar yarn about Big Mike being forced to take a “backward step.”

For the avoidance of doubt, this is what The People wanted to believe.


Well for a man who had had his doors kicked in General Ashley looks as though he still has his tanks exactly where he wants them!

I am told that the court case next month is partly apropos at least one unpaid invoice.

My understanding is that unsold stock may be part of the story.

Moreover, I understand that there is a securitised element to the Rangers Retails Limited (RRL) deal.

This would explain the reporting that should the Sports Direct supremo carry the day then the highly valuable crests and trademarks would revert to RRL.

Obviously, as General Ashley knows only too well, a court case can go either way.

However, should he win his case next month then the Holding Company Vehicle will be hard pressed to find £1m plus costs to pay Big Mike.

Of course, this would be very unfortunate and could even spring a leak in the Engine Room Subsidiary.

I understand that this week the Admirable Warburton was told that there would be no money to buy players in the January transfer window.


His only option, as he stated at a presser his week, will be to try the loan market.

However, clubs in England talk and perhaps the set up at the Engine Room Subsidiary is quite up to standard.

Of course, any players that were to come on loan to the Engine Room Subsidiary would be guaranteed a world class breakfast at that Auchenhowie Park place.

I was told by an Ibrox insider today that it “is a given” that there will be attempts to move some players out of the Ibrox door.

He made it clear to me that it would be an austerity agenda that would propel this player movement.

Once more the name of Mr Gordon Smith came up in conversation.

This well-placed source believes that Mr Smith had been tasked by the Sevco High Command to find new clubs for current Sevco players.

The entire landscape appears to be one of a distressed company.

One that is loss making and cannot access a credit line from a bank.

However, help is at hand.

I am sure that those fine chaps behind the Lion Brand will not doubt rush to the cause in these dark times for the Holding Company Vehicle.

Of course, they cannot do it all by themselves.

I would like to think that there will be some help for these heroes.

As for Big Mike’s tanks?

‘They Haven’t Gone Away, You Know!’


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