General concerns

A good general always has a plan and knows that time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted.

Therefore I was surprised to learn that David Cunningham King has only had the most general discussion with the folks at the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) regarding his suitability to chair a publicly listed company.

Indeed I am informed that neither Mr King nor any of his representatives broached the subject of the entrepreneur’s criminal past.

I understand that there will be much more detail in the report submitted by WH Ireland to the AIM on why they decided to resign as the Nominated Adviser (NOMAD) of RIFC.

If and when Mr King and his associates source a new NOMAD then the AIM will use that report to ask them to justify their position as  the new adviser for RIFC.

However I am sure it will be no problem.

Mr King’s recent statements about the Onerous Contracts only work if you know less about them than he possibly does.

I think it is fair to say that the legally binding agreements that see substantial sums being spirited away to the Sevco Triangle are, well, legal.

If I could share the details with you dear reader you might very well consider them to be morally scandalous, but that does not mean that they could not withstand a legal challenge.

Remember that £278,000 per month going out into the Sevco Triangle?

The one that got some of The People all upset?

Yes that £278,000!

Well those are just two payments that the new regime will have to honour.

Ethically indefensible, but legally impregnable.

General King has led his forces on a rather strange route march during this campaign.

This time last year it was statement O’clock from South Africa most days as Mr King set up an ill-fated escrow account for The People to put their season ticket cash into.

In trying to piece this shambles together what appears a likely scenario is the following:

Regular readers here will know of the then RIFC Chairman David Somers turned up unannounced to Philip Nash late last year.

Somers was all upset about this £278,000 that had been missed and the consequences of this being outstanding had come out of left field.

If you recall the ex-Liverpool supremo had been the company secretary at RIFC until Big Mike’s boys came in the door last year.

Perhaps it was at that point that Mr King and his colleagues realised that getting Ibrox stadium in a liquidation sale was not an option.

The only route left open to them then was to buy shares in RIFC and seize control.

I do not think that this was the original terrain he had thought he would be fighting on.

As ever it is the ordinary ranks that are the last to know what is going on.

Because they have not been briefed they  instead feverishly  pass around re-heated rumours about a capitulating enemy to make themselves feel a little less chilled in their trenches.

They want to  believe that victory is at hand however there is a battle hardened armoured division just over the ridge with Sports Direct emblazoned on the tanks.

If you knew that then the victory songs emanating from the King’s men would seem rather poignant.

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