A dignified ding-dong in Dingwall?

I was saddened to learn today that there might have been a free and frank exchange of views yesterday in the highlands between dear Philippe and the Dalai Lama of the Blue Room.

Obviously, the result was not their liking.

I understand that Philippe’s trusted deputy was administering some home truths to light blue bottlers when the Transcendental Chairman broke the sanctity of the dressing room.

A stand-up autopsy ensued, examining the success of the January transfer window.

I’m told that the glabrous gaffer reminded the Serene One that he had requested TWO wingers with pace for the second half of the campaign.

Instead, he had to make do with Fabulous Fábi.

Obviously, the Portuguese frontman does provide some very useful performance art for the  VAR  chaps.

However, he certainly isn’t what Philippe had in mind last January.

In another part of the Fitba Multiverse, the belligerent Belgium might have pointed out to Sevco’s Zenlike chairman that, unlike Mickey B, he doesn’t frighten easily.

Moreover, I doubt that Philippe’s offer to speak directly to the Ibrox klanbase and tell them the facts of the situation will be taken up.

As season ticket renewal time is approaching then that might not be the best idea.

Next up is a date at Dens.

An excellently placed source assures me that the Dee’s pitch should be playable despite Perth being a Plan B.

Anything less than three points is unthinkable for the basket of assets.

Then, it will be roll over Sunday at Hampden against their low-calorie cousins from Edinburgh.

10 thoughts on “A dignified ding-dong in Dingwall?”

    • Can someone explain why Sevco are always listed first when they play any team at Hampden?
      Look at the bookies odds or official match fixtures and its always the same.
      Hearts are named second for the semi but alphabetically they should be first. The same also applies anytime they play Celtic at Hampden.

  1. I’m not sure how the split works ,but something tells me that our 2 away games will be the low calorie cousins and Kilmarnock…..jus mibby

    • Killie is definitely one of the away games as we’ve already played them at CP twice. Diets will be a home game as we’ve played at their place twice already.
      Think we’ll have huns, diets and Dundee at home. Killie and buddies away. I know nowt, just a guess.


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