Preparing to fail in Dingwall?

I learned today that dear Philippe’s post-match comments about match preparation may have raised tranquillity levels in the Sevco High Command.

Here it is here.

“Maybe it’s because we had a really really strange preparation this week but it’s not an excuse but it was everybody was more busy with things outside of football than football in the club. So that’s also something to keep in mind. It’s just keep focused on the football and on nothing else.”

Apparently, these comments were immediately relayed by one of the Sevco media team to the Serene One, who was quietly meditating on the calamitous result against the Staggies.

What ensued was an entirely Zenlike exchange of views between the manager and chairman.

I’m told that one of dear Philippe’s staff was unimpressed at this ferrying of information to the Serene One and it led to the introduction of some Flemish vernacular to the Ibrox lexicon.

It turns out that those polyglot continentals have their own word for tout!

As predicted yesterday, the postponed match WILL go ahead at Dens Park.

When I spoke to him yesterday, he was totally confident that the pitch was playable.

No doubt some commonsense officiating and TavPen will cut Celtic’s lead to a single point.

7 thoughts on “Preparing to fail in Dingwall?”

  1. No room for complacency now as far as Celtic are concerned,the wobble that allowed Sevco back into contention is happening to them now and Celtic need to take full advantage,losing the title would be devastating to Sevco and all the money that comes with it,don’t let them back into this.

  2. Speaking as a Dundee fan it appears our pitch has completely derailed Rangers league title campaign according to Phillipe Clement.
    How sad, never mind.
    Perhaps we can take some points of Celtic at Dens Park to reinvigorate the league title race?

  3. Listening to Phillipe after the shitshow is Dundee last night, I began to wonder if Belgium was as famous for its waffles as its chocolate!!

    • As long as the penalty spots are dry.
      Another Tav pen tomorrow, that just leaves them needing three to beat an all time world record for penalties awarded in a season.

      Very achievable with five games in the league remaining.

      • Is it true that because Tav couldn’t get his pen as a consequence of the postponement of the Dundee game, the pen will be carried over to the re-arranged fixture meaning that he will get TWO pens in Wednesday’s match?


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