Conditional integrity

The downfall of Rangers has been a very challenging event for the rulers of the game in Scotland.

The people at the top of Scottish football are privately admitting that they have been making it up as they’ve gone along.

The quasi legal nonsense of the 11th hour fudge is excellently analysed here by Paul McConville.

There are currently two Rangers.

One is an SPL club in administration, awaiting liquidation.

That club has existed for 140 years, but it won’t make it to 141.

The other is Sevco Scotland Limited which is being allowed to style itself as Rangers.

Sevco purchased the assets of RFC (IA) for £5.5m.

This sale may yet be challenged legally once the liquidators BDO are on the field of play.

It is clear that the sale of the “heritable assets” (stadium, training ground and car park) for £1.5m was a transaction that could be characterised as “under value”.

The people in leadership positions on the 6th floor at Hampden are well aware of these issues.

Yet the rulers of Planet Fitba are wedded to the Ibrox brand and no matter what, the freak show must go on.

That is why today at 3.05pm a club pretending to be Rangers will play Brechin in the Ramsden’s Challenge Cup.

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