How to assemble a lynch mob in one easy lesson

The threats to the safety of the “SFA three” prove why their identities should not have been revealed.

Given that Rangers are about three weeks from liquidation then the assertion that the decision had “killed” the club is risible.

Rangers cannot come out of administration because there are no credible bids on the table.

Stuck in that insolvency event they are about to run out of cash.

Therefore the idea that the transfer ban was the coup de grace is nonsense.

The demand from Ally McCoist to be told the identities is also puzzling.

The club has a letter from the SFA with their names on it.

Andrew Dickson the head of football administration went to the hearing and sat across a table from them.

I was aware of their identities yesterday morning as my description of them will clearly attest.

However, I would never have named them.

By yesterday afternoon the names of the three men were on Rangers supports message boards and on Facebook.

The police are now involved and perhaps this will be a first outing for the internet provisions of the new controversial legislation.

Yesterday I was speaking with one of the three man panel who had recently sat in judgment of Neil Lennon.

That was a private conversation and must remain so.

However we did speculate what the furore would have been if the current scenario had been instigated by Neil Francis Lennon and not the cheeky chappie.


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