Help required

Sometimes when you’re in a fix you need to call for outside help.

I think that the SFA might be there already.

What happens to the three people on the Appellant Tribunal?

Will they be named?

Will they feel safe?

Let’s say that they, without any outside interference, decide on the merits of the case to overturn all or part of the sanctions.

Will that decision be seen to be the product of intimidation?

I am under no doubt that the “outing” of the original trio has made some on the SFA’s “taxi rank” to think about getting the hell out of Dodge.

Despite all the spinning by the laptop loyal Ally McCoist was, at best, ill-advised on Rangers TV on Tuesday.

There will be huge outside pressure now from the Queen’s underclass to overturn the original decisions, especially the 12 month transfer ban.

Scottish football’s system of justice is now being attacked.

Perhaps the moment has arrived to call in the UEFA compliance officer.

I am reliably informed that the governing body in Nyon are watching the situation in Scotland closely.

They can, of course, just invite themselves.

However I suspect that the first step will be to politely offer their assistance and support to the SFA.

The beleaguered guys at Hampden Park should take it.

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