Captain Whyte struggles with titanic problems.

2012 is a year of a sombre centenary.

As the clock relentlessly ticks towards the bewitching hour at the helm of Rangers, this 21st century sporting Titanic the captain and his trusted officers are trying anything to avoid the giant HMRC iceberg looming up before them and the two smaller icebergs called administration and receivership also in their path.

Debt is said to be mounting to such an extent that unless finance is freed to pay these debts the ship could be sunk sooner than later.

To placate the angry creditors, who become more vocal by the day, the captain and some of the crew at the helm still hope to have meaningful dialogue with HMRC-but the fine upstanding members of Her Majesty’s officers are not in the mood for compromise.

Have they a chance of HMRC being compliant? It is as likely as the new Rangers signing Mervan Celik winning the coveted FIFA Ballon d’Or for season 2011/2012. HMRC stance is a case of ‘no surrender.”

For those who like their history the RMS Titanic which was built in Belfast in a hate-filled environment, rumour had it that anti catholic slogans were scrawled inside the hull, was launched 100 years ago next month and sank on 15th April 1912.

Many believe Rangers FC will be sunk before this poignant anniversary.

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