Rangers. Preparing for the end.

Preparing for the death of Rangers (1873) is now the most pressing matter for those who run the beautiful game on Planet Fitba.


I have been informed by an excellent source that senior personnel in the Scottish Premier League now accept that an “insolvency event” for Rangers is inevitable.

The denial phase  should be over for Rangers fans.

In the Kubler Ross model, the next stage is “Anger” and, to be fair, I have always thought that to be the forte of the followers of Scotland’s establishment club.

This morning I spoke to a good source in the tax consultancy world.

In the past he had provided reliable information to me, about the operation of Employee Benefit Trusts. I was taken aback when he told me today that he wouldn’t be surprised if Rangers (1873) were formally insolvent before the next match with Celtic next month.

I asked him why he thought that would happen and he told me that this was the “scuttlebutt” going around the tax consultancy world which has lines of information into HMRC.

In the intelligence world, all of this is categorised as “chatter” and sometimes it just disappears into the ether.

However, sometimes it is a harbinger of a major event.

All of the available evidence points to Rangers being terminally ill with no Doctor Bunnet to rush to the bedside.

This is death watch on Rangers and anyone who doesn’t realise that is still stuck in denial.

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