A dilemma for Stewart Regan.

SFA Stewart Regan has a dilemma about what to do about his now  ex-employee Hugh Dallas.

Not about the possibility of Mr.Dallas taking his ex-employers to a tribunal, but about the fact that the name “Hugh Dallas” is on a couple of SFA lists.

These are the SFA’s nominations for the FIFA referees committee and the UEFA counterpart.

It is the FIFA nomination, SFA insiders assure me, that Mr.Dallas really covets.

Both organisations take nominations at this time of year.

Readers of this site may recall that the original email that started this saga was entitled “FIFA nomination”.

Mr.Dallas was indeed on the original list of SFA nominees drawn up to send to FIFA.

It remains to be seen if Stewart Regan will act and take Mr.Dallas’ name off those SFA lists.

To be considered for the FIFA, or indeed UEFA, referees committee one stipulation is that the person must the member of a football federation recognised by the relevant governing body.

It does not have to be the federation of the person’s home country.

Hence expect the Croatian job to be fast tracked for Mr.Dallas over the next two weeks in time for these nominations to be processed.

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