Did you get that Amanda?

GMB union official Brian Johnstone decided to utilise the shorthand skills of sacked secretary Amanda McDonald at her own appeal hearing and that of her two colleagues last Thursday  (23/12/2010) at SFA HQ in Glasgow.

The staff were each asked the same five questions by SFA President George Peat who was assisted in the procedures of the hearings by HR professional Ms.Viv Coady.

At the start of each of the 30-minute consecutive hearings Johnstone offered SFA president George Peat to adjourn the hearing to go away and look at the memory stick that, Wilson claimed, contained material that he should peruse before proceeding.

On each occasion Peat refused. Johnstone asked him deliberately to get Peat’s definitive refusal on the record.

At each point the GMB man asked the sacked SFA secretary, “Did you get that Amanda?”

He asked her this question three times.

Each time she acknowledged in the affirmative.

It is clear that this verbatim record, taken down by Ms. McDonald, could be used at a future employment Tribunal hearing.

Smart move Brian.

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