What is your point caller?

Consider this dear reader.

Completely hypothetically of course.

During a live radio phone-in a major story breaks.

Moreover the subject matter is of great interest to the radio show’s listeners.

It’s breaking news!

That is a term that all journalists, whether they be in print, broadcast or online should drop everything to attend to.

The broadcast journalists know from the callers that the story has broken.

The guys in the studio know that they haven’t broken the story, but their show then gets a call from the journalist that did break the story.

He identifies himself as the journalist that broke the story and offers to speak on air, for free, to further elaborate on the story so far.

This should be good news for the radio station.

Actually it IS good news for any radio station.

He gives his number and waits for a call back.

He waits and waits.

Wouldn’t you think that the radio show, with a duty to their listeners would give them that on air exclusive, which was being offered for free, would call the journalist back.

You would wouldn’t you?

This is a freebie for the radio station from the guy (an NUJ member) that broke the original story and has been lauded by a professor of journalism in a quality newspaper for his role in doing so.

Now he is offering this new development, a fresh scoop, to the radio show.

If the journalist on the radio show considered that their primary duty was to the listeners then I think they should have called that journalist back.

Of course if the said radio show, hypothetically speaking of course, is part of a lobby system that doesn’t want their listeners to be fully informed then the journalist might be silly phoning them in the first place.