Sevco has a new friend

When Sevco was born in 2012, they started in the 4th tier of the professional game.

One dignified chap hoped they might “win friends on the journey”.

Well, at the weekend it happened.

They’ve got a friend in Laurence Fox.

The featured image was his take on a Tifo at Ibrox yesterday, which purported to express a quintessentially British analysis of the current political situation in Fair Caledonia.

The bold Laurence quoting from the musical Les Misérables in his Tweet is enough to explode the irony meter.

For the uninitiated, Mr Fox is definitely worth a Google search-he really is.

It’s difficult to know where to start.

For example, a judge recently ruled that he had defamed two people by calling them paedophiles.

So, right away, there’s a connection with the Ibrox milieu, child abuse allegations and losing court cases.

In his spare time, Mr Fox also protects statues.

How very Ibrox of him!

He has also ventured into politics with a track record that is, so far,  redolent of an electoral Mickey Beale.

There is also currently a potential police matter, which, of course, I cannot comment upon at present.

As for the match itself, Captain Disappointed got among the (own) goals and then failed to live up to his TavPen moniker.

Perhaps there is something to his observations about not liking to be put under pressure.

Next up at Paradise is a derby match that will almost certainly decide who wins the title.

That could be when the statistically established pattern of assistance will have the usual suspects in the Parkhead press box looking the other way.

If the match is fairly officiated, then it shouldn’t be a contest.

Only Matt O’Riley and Kyogo Furuhashi could conspire to produce that second goal against Sevco’s low-calorie cousins on Saturday.

The vision, pass, run, and first-touch finish are at a level not available to any other team in the country at present.

Next weekend, only a catalogue of entirely honest officiating mishaps will prevent a home victory at Celtic Park.

12 thoughts on “Sevco has a new friend”

  1. Absolutely spot on about that second goal, Phil. It’s hard to over estimate the skill level required, while running at speed, to to take a ball coming diagonally over your left shoulder, take it first time with your right foot, and side foot volley it with such controlled accuracy. Wonderful skill and a finish fitting for such a stunning pass.

    • Quite simply, the combination of O’Riley and Kyogo provides a level of quality in the final thrid that is not availble to any other club in the SPFL.

  2. Hate the SNP , but wiil take every penny that they give to dig them out a hole for x amount of years before paying it back at no interest, more money than other other clubs received.

    • These Union bear clowns really are as thick as pig sh•t. Not a mention about the WORST WESTMINSTER GOVERNMENT POST WAR,WHICH JUST HAPPENS TO BE TORY THAT SCOTLAND DOESNT VOTE FOR. A joke corrupt car crash government with 5 disaster PM’S which include a few law breakers A government which has gutted public services & public sector pay for PRIVATE SHAREHOLDER PROFIT. The idiots in the Union bears are NOT INTERESTED in the government, Only THE THREAT TO A particular flag they like to s••g. Considering the ‘previous’ iteration of Sevco dodged HMRC Tax for over a decade & went bust, UB don’t have a leg to stand on, much like the Westminster government that obviously can’t do no wrong & they worship.

  3. Enjoy your articles Phil , think Laurence Fox is a horrible person and have been a Celtic fan for over 52 years but the Snp have ruined my country.

    • The SNP have been trying to alleviate the harm the Tories have brought upon the working people of the UK during the past 14 years’ Free prescriptions, free bus travel for over 60’s and under 22’s, nationalised Scotrail whilst reducing peak time rail fares, paid child allowance for the 3rd child the only country in the UK to do so. Settled all NHS, public service and rail pay disputes months before England where some of these disputes are not settled to this day.
      The only part of the UK to pardon the miners who were wrongly criminalised during the 1980’s. Even the Labour government who were in power under Tony Blair for 13 years failed to pardon the miners.
      Keep reading the British media and watching the British broadcasters for the unending criticism of Scotland, the only country in the World that discovered oil and became poorer
      Just look over the North Sea to Norway, a country with the same population as Scotland and see what they have done with with their oil dividend.
      I have been a Celtic supporter for over 70 years, I was a Labour Party Member and an active Trade Unionist most of my working life. I realised how much Scotland has been damaged since the 1970’s by Westminster economic policies and since the 2000’s I have supported Independence for Scotland. I probably won’t live to see it but for the good of the younger generation I hope it will come sooner rather than later. What country has ever regretted getting Independence from the Westminsters FPTP insult to democracy.. I can tell you, none.

  4. Got to laugh at the bluenoses, hate the SNP but willing to take £3.4 million of them. Couldn’t redden their necks with a blowtorch


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