Why are Scotland’s uniquely qualified officials not required elsewhere?

Four games to go, and tens of millions in UEFA revenue is at stake.

With only three points in it, this is where the pattern of assistance becomes pivotal.

It could be the hinge factor on Planet Fitba this season.

To this end, here is Alan Morrison of Celtic By Numbers and the Yorkshire Whistler’s most recent update.

Those small margins can be decisive when the title race is THIS tight. 

Across the city, they are fully aware of the importance of accessing those UEFA monies.

Pressure does strange things to people, for example, the collapse in Dingwall against Ross County.

Moreover, it isn’t just the players who are feeling it.

I’m told that dear Philippe and the Transcendental Chairman mainly communicate these days through the nervous office junior.

The fact that they have to chase Dundee for a five-figure sum suggests that their cash flow isn’t what it should be.

Once more, failure to get their dignified mitts on the UEFA cash IS NOT existential to the current Ibrox entity.

However, it would greatly help stabilise the operation and fund Clement’s rebuild.

Next up, Celtic faces Sevco’s low-calorie cousins.

It doesn’t take a Nostradamus to realise that tomorrow,  the champions will face an entirely different proposition to the compliant puppies who turned up the Hampden in the semi-final.

No, this will be John Wilson FC motivated by the feral nativism of the Gorgie variety.

Just like at Tynecastle last time out against the immigrant club, the visitors will benefit from the pattern of assistance.

Indeed, they might find that the chap on VAR interrupts the proceedings with an interesting interpretation of what constitutes a handball in the box.

Dear reader, for any concern of bias to be eradicated, it is crucial to remove doubt.

Having the chap who teaches PE to Sevco’s starlets at Boclair Academy on VAR  at Celtic Park tomorrow is something that couldn’t be tolerated south of the border, where there is an entirely separate and professional officiating service.

Moreover, it puts Mr Walsh in an invidious position when participating in any match involving Sevco or their city rivals.

This is the sort of failure of governance that the SFA seem incapable of addressing.

It is unclear whether the musical chairs at the regional assembly in Hearts’ hometown will impact the sit-down at Hampden, scheduled for the 8th of this month.

At that conclave, sports minister Maree Todd was due to hear from the SFA chaps why there was no need for an independent football regulator.

Quite simply, the SFA want to continue with the status quo, where they get to mark their own homework and have world-class officials.

It remains baffling why none of them are invited to international tournaments, per the featured image.

After all, the SFA has apparently unearthed a unique strain of humanity that is apparently incapable of cultural bias.

One would think that the international football bodies would recognise this centre of excellence.

9 thoughts on “Why are Scotland’s uniquely qualified officials not required elsewhere?”

  1. Celtic Boards have accepted this from Day 1 with the notable exception of Fergus McCann who had personal big money at stake and was prepared to sue them. It’s a delicate balancing act for the Celtic Board and always has been. How much can they push before they put the club in jeopardy from the very authorities that they seek to push? Where are the other clubs? Why are the other clubs so silent? If the majority of clubs wanted serious change, collectively they have the power to make it. While id love for Celtic to go out an a limb and be aggressive and so on, I fear we’d be risking the club. Exactly what our club’s most ardent enemies would love to see.

  2. Off topic maybe, but I have to say, today was the best display, over 90 minutes, that I can recall seeing this season. I think, personally, that it was as good a rehearsal as we could have hoped for, for next week. I think Sevco will play in a very similar way. IF we turn up like that next week, we’ll secure the title.

  3. As a born and bred CFC supporter, I have now disengaged.

    I’m done with complaining about the Board – and DD.

    It’s a football club – and it’s aspirations are underwhelming.

    That’s it.

  4. All we need to do is play football the Glasgow Celtic Way, that should take care of business…. love your work …hail hail

  5. Never forget Ross screaming into his Mic “Red card Red card” despicable little man…. This not a political post just that I have never seen a linesman behave in this way….. obviously his feelings were running high for some reason


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