Who helped with the Ibrox banner yesterday?

This morning I spoke to a person who is heavily involved in football administration in Fair Caledonia.

I had sent him an image of the banner that had been unfurled before kick-off in the Glasgow Derby match yesterday.

Before we got to discuss the specific message of the display he pointed out one thing to me.

He said that “there is no way that they smuggled that into the ground. It is just too big. They had to have some kind of help from the inside”.

He may well be correct on that matter.

However, I am not qualified to comment, but he definitely is.

Moreover, I would be surprised of this banner was not mentioned in the Match Delegate’s report.

My information is that the person fulfilling that role yesterday for the SPFL is a retired senior police officer.

Indeed, he was once the match commander at the stadium that John Brown played for.

Therefore, he should be aware of the specific cultural issues that afflict the Ibrox klan.

You will note from this angle that there appears to be a stricken figure in the bottom corner wearing Hoops.

The sabre appears to be bloodstained.

For those of you that do not see the connection with the Govan Herrenvolk then look at this.

You can read about the link of the image to Loyalist paramilitaries here.

The original image is from the front cover of the Iron Maiden single (1983) called “The Trooper”.

I find it rather ironic that the song is inspired by the Tennyson poem about the charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimea.

Given that yesterday was an abject surrender rather than a futile assault on prepared positions.

Perhaps next time the Ibrox chaps will find some stirring imagery depicting the beaches at Dunkirk or the capitulation at Singapore.

It is difficult to see how this banner is consistent with the central message of the “Everyone Anyone” campaign by the seven-year-old club.

I’m sure that the intrepid chaps in the Fitba Fourth Estate will be all of this today…


20 thoughts on “Who helped with the Ibrox banner yesterday?”

  1. No surprise that after the Gerrard led shambles on Sunday, and the guarantee of Europa revenues through the group stages, that Kingco has pushed the boat out by bringing in Kent.
    One player however does not maketh a team.
    Up till Sunday the blue side were extremely excited about the talents, and sell on values of Tavernier, Goldson, Barasic, Aribo, Morelos, Arfield et al. Now they are dogshit..
    It’s beyond belief that not a single offer came in for Morelos or Tavernier in the window. Much more likely that instead of the 8 figure sums being bandied about that low ball offers were binned with the income from Europe progression enough to see them through to Xmas. Oops, then along came Kent.
    King is a high stakes gambler, especially with OPM.
    There appears to be no cohesive plan behind decisions being made in the Ibrox boardroom and anyone expecting the soon to be published last financial year numbers to bear any resemblance to the previously released back of a fag packet calculations are sure to be very disappointed.
    Davis and Defoe don’t come cheap you know.

    • Hi Phil, have you any idea where the £6.5 m for Kent materialised from? Are they paying this up front and who bankrolled it? Do you feel this is one last roll of the dice to try and prevent 9IAR and are they prepared to go pop trying to stop us?

    • Well it didn’t fit in an anorak pocket.Ha Ha.
      Incidentally where is the “alleged “ £7 million going to come from for to pay Liverpool for Kent.?? Big Mike might be getting anxious about his place in the queue supposedly later this month and big Mike is not a fan of instalments.

  2. Kent on the way back, yet another winger to add to Jones, Barker, Stewart, Ojo, Murphy et al.
    With Gerrard’s preference yesterday to 5 central midfield players they won’t be getting much game time.
    I wonder if Stevie got mates rates from his former club and extended payment terms into the bargain because no way could Rangers fund £7m up front.
    He’s one domestic result from the fans turning on him.
    Presumably the Europa revenue will pay for Kent but how the hell will Close Bros and Sports Direct be satisfied over the next few months?
    It’s difficult to see either team dropping points in forthcoming SPFL games so the head to heads are mega important, so one up to Celtic with an ever increasing goal difference into the bargain.
    This is make or break season for Gerrard and Rangers. Failure to stop 9 IAR will be the end for him and god help the poor sod whose in charge for the 10 IAR season.

    • Joseph, the poor sod in charge of The Huns for the 10iar season may well be big Mike Ashley. He’d do a better job than Agent Gerrard. Think it’s time Stevie Bhoy returned to base, bringing with him the hub-caps of the Rainjurz team bus of course. Old habits die hard, after all. HH

  3. As a big Maiden fan it sickens me to see them linked with the filth. It was bad enough when Bruce Dickinson flew the scum to a European game but to see Eddie at the Iron Midden….that’s just sad.

  4. Hide and seek,
    game plan backfires on masterful manager Gerard.

    Dave’s plan to stop fans laughing at his team takes new twist!

    Fans didn’t listen to UAFA,

    Blame starts with Everyone and everyone,

    No need to ask how’s the Daddy( LENNY )

    media loyalty staying inside the prodistant circle of govan,

    Meanwhile in media__ loyalty Scotland,__
    trouble is having no true story to cover

    Can the fans take more Bullshit from king yes

    Statement pending from Dave king,
    Waiting on ink drying before publication!

  5. Perhaps the TRFC campaign for social inclusion at Ibrox has been misreported?

    The campaign might actually be “Everyone Anyone * ”

    [Where the * refers to the sneaky small print: “Except those who are…” ]

    • It is indeed-as per the link I included.
      The image has been appropriated by Loyalist paramilitaries in the Six Counties for their murals.

    • Do keep up Mr Torrens…better to read the whole article before attempting some rational thought. Doesn’t take an idiot, or maybe it does…to see what this banner means. Vile, threatening and totally unacceptable. Unless of course, you actually support and condone that sort of thing. Over to the SFA and SPFL. I’ll get my coat.

        • Best of luck with that Patricia. In my experience any letters asking questions of the SFA secret society quickly end up in the shredder.
          There’s still a search party out looking for Maxwell following his disappearance since the UEFA racist charge and punishment was handed out to Rangers.

      • I just stumbled upon this (https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-scotland-49482150) on the main BBC website – the national (UK) version, not the Scottish section. I think even the folks at the EDL will be somewhat shocked by their fascist brethren up here in the west of Scotland. Are we starting to see them finally being exposed to the shocked nation?

        It will be interesting to hear the Ibrox Male Voice Choir explain that as a “bit of banter” to the four corners of the UK that have so far escaped their bile!


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