Carlos terminado

He was going to be the creative lynchpin of the Pedro revolution.

When he arrived at Sevco in June 2017 on a three-year contract for a fee of £2.2m, Señor Peña was lauded by the stenographers as a shrewd acquisition.

Of course, that’s what the press release said.

It took your humble correspondent just one working day to contact several Mexican journalists in order to establish the real facts about the new guy at Sevco.

They told me that the ex-Guadalajara midfielder would arrive in Glasgow with more baggage than Pedro’s caravan.

It was always going to end like this and I just hope it works out for him.

I caught up with an Ibrox source today and I was apprised on some of the salient points of the payoff.

My information is that the Mexican will receive one year’s salary plus the attendant bonuses for that period.

The first tranche of this will be paid at the end of this month with the remainder in the summer.

I understand that the overall the bad news for Sevco is in the region of £1.5m.

Now that isn’t something you would wipe your nose on…

I suppose it is just as well there isn’t a cash crisis at Sevco or any looming expensive legal action against a real billionaire.

Because, well, that could get messy.

Viaje seguro chico!

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