Big Mike orders his guys into action against Sevco

Regular readers will not be surprised to learn that General Ashley has given the go-ahead to his legal divisions.

I had stated here recently on several occasions that the Sports Direct people were preparing court action.

As previously reported, it was my evidence-based belief that he would choose his moment before moving against the Sevco car boot retail operation.

Well, he has given the order.

Elite Sports and Hummel are now also in the frame for this.

The court date of April 12 is, I am told, rather close to season ticket renewal time.

I would imagine that any future move to ring-fence funds at Sevco would be unwelcome in the Blue Room.

Judge Lionel Persey noted that Sports Direct alone had budgeted for more than £400,000 in legal bills.

Once more General Ashley is demonstrating that he hasn’t gone away you know.

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