Alfredo complicado

As I had reported here last year a scout based in England was sent north to look at several players.

One of them was Sevco’s Colombian striker Alfredo Morelos.

The blunt assessment of the scout was along the lines of “well, now I know why he was playing in Finland!”

I suspect that there is not a well-trodden path from Colombia and Helsinki.

South American players usually make landfall in southern Europe, usually Iberia and then see where their careers take them.

The scout was amazed that the Sevco striker remained on the pitch for the entire game.

His view was that the South American’s temperament and penchant for off the ball incidents would make him a red card liability for any club.

I suspect that even an experienced manager might struggle to reduce Alfredo’s prodigious red mist output.

For the avoidance of doubt, Mr Gerrard is a beginner at the managerial lark.

Consequently, the striker’s behaviour appears unchecked from the dugout.

Now, a cynic might conclude that because of where he currently plies his trade there has been an element of official toleration within the referring community for his performance art involving the testicles of opponents.

Of course, I couldn’t possibly comment.

However, it would now appear, that the Compliance Officer has called time on his antics.

She has done the state some service.

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