The Squad goes digital

I do love the feel of a book in my hands.
There is something wonderfully intimate about shutting out the world and journeying into a story.
To say that I have a lot of books in my abode would be to commit crimes against understatements.
For me, those are real books and I love all of them.
However, I cannot envisage a situation where I would willingly head to the airport without my Kindle on-board.
For this digital immigrant, the idea that I can travel with a small device that can contain hundreds of books is a wonder to me.
When The Squad was published in June I was asked when a Kindle version would be available.
I didn’t know the answer to that as my publisher had not taken that decision.
The rise of the E-Book has not meant the end of physical books.
However, the portability of digital books stored on a Kindle or similar device is hard to argue with.
Consequently, I’m happy to announce that The Squad is now available on Kindle.
You will see that the advert on the bottom of this page has a link which will take you to Amazon.
The print edition is available in Ireland from Waterstones.
In Scotland, it can be purchased from Waterstones and WHS.
A signed copy of The Squad is available direct from the publisher and a link is at the bottom of this page.
The feedback on The Squad has been excellent so far.
WHS have it as their book of the month.

Of course, some psychic reviewers miraculously appeared on Amazon when the book was still being printed. The Squad was available for pre-order and hence a review could be posted.

These literary types were unanimous in their condemnation of a book that they could not have read at that point!

However, dear reader, I’m sure that you’re more rational about such matters.

If you buy The Squad in any format I do hope that you will enjoy the journey.