Sevco roulette

Senior functionaries in the Sevco High Command couldn’t quite believe the evidence of their eyes yesterday.

The signing of Borna Barišić from Osijek is yet another chunk out of the season ticket pot.

The Convict Chairman wanted to creatively negotiate the payment plan on the never never.

However, Osijek stood their ground and demanded a 40%/30%/30% breakdown or it was no deal.

So a Euro draft had to be raised yesterday and lodged with the Croatian club’s bank.

One senior functionary quipped that the initial tranche had come from monies that had been allocated to ordinary running costs.

It was discussed yesterday that the outlay on players and the additions to the wage bill means that Mr Gerrad will have to navigate the basket of assets to the latter stages of the Europa League.

If he can manage that then the losses will within the usual parameters for the Engine Room Subsidiary.

I think we’ve seen this movie before.

The news that Martyn Waghorn was probably on the move for millions caused the Convict Chairman serious annoyance yesterday.

He admonished the Serious Professional about the paltry fee that Ipswich paid for him.

The Johannesburg based convicted criminal was also seething about the lack of a sell-on clause.

The Serious Professional bit back and pointed out that it was Mr King who couldn’t wait to get the take way eating striker out of the door.

If that wasn’t bad enough for the Sevco functionaries yesterday, then the  Convict Chairman announced his desire to continue the legal fight against Big Bad Mike!

Mr King was then told that such a course of action could be characterised as lacking the appropriate level of sanity.

Despite the friction in the Sevco High Command there was some good news from the management team

Sometimes the new broom can rub some old stagers up the wrong way.

Therefore, it was heartening to hear that Mr Gerrard is especially appreciative of Mr Jimmy Bell’s cultural input.

So the Sevco manager has a new player and it is clear that Mr King has put it all on 35 black if not 32Red.

Not to worry though, Dave wasn’t playing with his own money.

He never does.