Mr Gerrard quickly adopts a batshit crazy narrative at Sevco

Conceding a late goal is a classic sickener in the beautiful game.

Especially, if it materially alters the result.

Brendan Rodgers was irked that his team switched off in time added on against Livingstone on Saturday.

What had looked like a 3-0 victory finished up a 3-1 score line.

Annoying, but no biggie in the end.

Not so the late goal at Pittodrie.

The first touch and strike by young Bruce Anderson was probably the only piece of genuine quality in the entire game.

Connor Goldson did really well to leap over the ball as it burrowed inside Allan McGregor’s left-hand post.

Playing with ten men for most of the match Mr Gerrard was within seconds of giving the travelling klanbase and the Stenography Corps the result they were craving.

The immediate post-match reaction from Sevco’s manager was bizarre stuff.


“…it seems from the outside before I come in that Rangers don’t get much support with decision like that…”

Oh dear….

He appears to have continued with this narrative in the post-match presser.

When referencing the fact that although they were awarded a penalty the referee failed to send off the Aberdeen player he said:


“We need to try and use it to our advantage.

“It’s not just today, it’s been happening for a while. It’s been happening for a good while.

“I believe it’s been happening for seasons. That’s my opinion, just my opinion.

“I’ve watched footage, yeah. Look, I don’t think we ever get anything to go for us.

“Everything we have seen today is about Rangers. So someone should give me answers on that.

“Someone should give me the answers because if there’s anyone in his room thinks nothing should have happened after that penalty…

“It is what is. I can’t control if the issue is going to be ongoing. All I can do is give my opinion on it.”


Had Brendan Rodgers uttered those words then the Stenography Corps would have been gleeful in their derision.

However, because it is a manager who has access to the home dressing room at Ibrox then they must be respectfully restrained.

After all, they have high-Level orders.

Of course, your humble correspondent can call it straight.

For the avoidance of doubt, the idea that clubs playing out of Ibrox have been the victim of institutional bias over the years is locked ward material.

The administrators of the national game in Scotland is littered with chaps down the years like the late Jim Farry and Campbell Conflicted Ogilvie.

The very notion that they would be have been part of a labyrinthine conspiracy against Rangers and then Sevco is nonsensical.

Indeed, it is precisely because of those Real Rangers Men in the administration that old Rangers went into…well…administration.

It was because of a lack of oversight that Sir David Murray was allowed to run the original Rangers into the rocks.

I doubt if Charles of Normandy and the Gallant Profiteers would have been allowed into any other club in the country.

However, they said they would run a club called Rangers out of Ibrox.

In doing so they made Mr Regan an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Now, Mr Gerrard asks you to believe that somehow match officials are part of a deep state conspiracy against the basket of assets.

So, the first on-field setback revealed Mr Gerrard’s inner fragility.

He was a tough uncompromising player, but that does not mean that he will be able to handle the pressure from the technical area.

The capriciousness of the move for Gerrard by the Convict Chairman was classic King.

It lifted the klanbase after the 4-0 drubbing in the cup semi-final and addressed the worrying slump in season ticket renewals.

Now he has to be able to manage the team and win football matches in Scotland.

Mr Gerrard was promised £20m by Mr King to re-build the squad and he believed him.

That and not corrupt officialdom is his main problem right there.

The ex-Liverpool legend has already privately voiced his extreme displeasure at Sevco’s Poundland operation.

This will not end well and Mr Gerrard will undoubtedly travel in the same direction as Pedro’s caravan.