Eurotrash and Bears on the plane

It will come as no surprise that the Sevco High Command were over the moon with the capitulation by the SFA on the UEFA licence issue.

For the avoidance of doubt, there was no evidential testing of the case which several Blue Room chaps privately conceded was in the “slam dunk” category.

It is now kicked down the road to the Court of Arbitration in Sport (CAS), which will put the decision back several years.

That suits both the SFA and the Sevco High Command.

Moreover, the efficacy of the high-Level PR campaign against the “biased SFA” has undoubtedly produced results.

Since the days of the Off Licence Putsch Mr King was always confident that he could rely on the local media.

He still can.

The ball is now very much in the court of the clubs who were denied European opportunities in season 2011-2012.

If they remain silent on this then they are ok with the pre-eminence of the Ibrox brand.

I had expected a statement from Celtic by now.

This case was created because of concerns expressed by several Celtic shareholders in 2013.

What became known as “Resolution 12” remains unanswered.

It is worth noting the requisitioners always wanted UEFA to be involved.

Perhaps they had little faith in the folks at Hampden, but you would have to ask them that.

It is self-evident that Mr King has succeeded in stalling the UEFA licence case, but there is little he can do about the Ashley case.

That is being heard in London.

You recall the several “victories”  in the Big Tax Case that were wildly celebrated by The People.

Ultimately it ended the way the evidence pointed and justice was done Furth of Fair Caledonia where the Ibrox brand matters not a jot.

The victory over the SFA, for that, is what it was, presented the basket of assets with a very hefty legal bill.

I’m told that one of the chaps named in the Ashley case is looking for financial assistance from Sevco.

Apparently, he incurred substantial costs during the discovery work in preparing his defence in the retail litigation.

Best of luck with that…

Don’t be surprised if JD Sports decide To Do Walking Away.

I’m told that the more they learn about the Ashley contract with Sevco the more futile it looks.

Meanwhile, their situation is not being helped by the fact that entrepreneurs in Turkey have been eagerly filling the vacuum created by the Ashley injunction.

Of course, the underlying cash flow issues remain extant.

There is no other explanation for the club being unable to facilitate travelling fans to Sevco’s next European away fixture.

Oh, and one other thing.

Did Mr Gerrard express his displeasure at the prospect of Sevco fans on the plane with his players?

Now there’s one for any intrepid stenographer to follow follow up on….

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