Statement o’clock and the money pit

A couple of sources re-emerged yesterday to relate items of interest to me

One stated that two ex-RFC players of “legend” status had been approached to join the board of the basket of assets.

Unsurprisingly both of them had refused this generous offer.

Then I heard of a business event that took place furth of Blighty.

Attending this investment pitch for a casino complex in Russia was an ex-member of the Sevco High Command.

He opened up somewhat about his chastening experiences in the Blue Room.

Indeed, his analysis of Mr David Cunningham King would not be at variance with my own arm’s length assessment of the convict chairman.

Essentially he was putting his time at Sevco “down to experience”.

He stated to my guy that King was “picking fights that he doesn’t have to”.

Moreover, the ex-director was of the view that the Ibrox business was “a money pit” and that “the hole was getting bigger”.

If there were any doubts of the chairman’s disassociation from reality then it was statement o’clock again yesterday.

It really does authorise all of my harshest assessments of the Johannesburg based convicted criminal.

This bizarre rant from the bunker was widely derided on Planet Fitba.

However, I rather suspect that it was simultaneously applauded by the People.

Just when I started to feel sorry for the extent to which they have been duped the “white power” video emerged from Macedonia.

Once more, it authorises all of my harshest assessments of The People.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is never Ok to feel sorry for fascists.

Mr King is the perfect chairman for them.

Absolutely perfect.

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