The anger games

I’m told that Mr Gerrard was less than happy with the travel arrangements to Macedonia.

He wanted better than EasyJet this time.


However, his ire was nothing compared to that of the Sevco High Command.

The chaps in the Blue Room were less than Zen-Like that the story about imminent resignations got out.

They wanted that story kept in Big House.

Mea culpa…

JD Sports aren’t happy either as they put months of work into their bid, but had not been told about the “Ashley clause”.

Had they known that then they wouldn’t have spent the time and money compiling their offer.

My information is that that they are currently considering whether or not To Do Walking Away.

If they do leave the scene than Sevco are stuck with Big Mike in perpetuity.

Which leads me to the next instalment of anger.

Mr David Cunningham King is raging with his conveyancing consigliere for not spotting the booby traps in the contract that was signed last June.

Now, I have some news for the Johannesburg based convicted criminal.

And it is this:

He has only tripped two of the contractual ambushes.

There are other little legal surprises lurking in the terms and conditions.

It might be fun to wait and see if they are tripped over.

I’m told that Mr King doesn’t do detail and that he just scan reads documents and leaves the finer points to the little people beneath him.

Well, that might be his problem right there.

Not everyone within the Sevco sitcom is angry though.

I’m told that the PUMA chap was in Shirebrook recently with a huge smile on his face.

He was rather buoyant that the basket of assets was no longer his problem.

Meanwhile, the Hummel chaps are staring into the abyss.

Sure, it’s enough to make you angry.

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