Wishing for the little guy

Soon we will know.

Will it be Croatia or France?

I’m hoping that it will be the former and no harm to the latter.

The Croatian story is uplifting, especially their talismanic player maker.

I am hoping that Luka Modrić will prove that he is the Xavi of the Balkans.

Against Ingerlund the Real Madrid player showed that he was easily the best football brain on the pitch.

They thought that it was “coming home”.

It wasn’t.

It won’t.

As Roy Keane pointed out to his colleagues in the studio, the English chaps had not played in the semi-final and yet they were planning the victory parade!

Just like in the Brexit negotiations they have to be reminded of their limitations.

The poor dears…

Of course, France are favourites and teams with that tag usually win.

In Kylian Mbappé Lottin they have a peerless young forward who can win any game at this level.

Moreover, the French have quality players in every position.

The French have won the world cup before and they did so in 1998 with their customary Gallic aplomb.

I do recall that the French victory over Brazil rather pissed off Jean-Marie Le Pen due to the multi-cultural nature of the Les Bleus.

That team was captained by Didier Claude Deschamps and he will be directing traffic from the dugout today.

If the Croatians prevail then it will because their captain can outthink and outpass his opponents and thus tip the balance in the midfield.

The scenes being shown from Croatia today are uplifting.

Sometimes, although it is very rare, the little guy wins in sport.

That’s what I’m hoping for today.





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