A different type of Black Friday

I understand that there was a rather “lively” call between Sevco’s prospective new retail partner and the Serious Professional.

Let’s just say that all is not well with that particular business relationship.

Moreover, the folks at Hummel are not happy either and little wonder.

I think it is fair to say that they are less than Zen-like about the Ashley injunction.

Their very legitimate concern is that counterfeit merchandise will fill the vacuum while the legal dispute is ongoing with Sports Direct.

After all, this is the peak selling season for replica kits.

I understand that it was rather roomy in the Director’s Box at Ibrox last night.

Unsurprisingly the convict chairman wasn’t to be seen.

However, there were other senior Blue Room chaps were marked absent.

Mr Andrew Dixon was there and fair play to him.

I do hope that he gets his bonus sorted out sooner rather than later.

He is certainly worth every penny.

Sterling chap so he is.

Then there is the Serious professional who has to deal with all the off-field chaos that he is not the author of.

I’m told that recently received some difficult news via a back channel.

It would appear that the “Resolution 12” case being considered at Hampden is of the slam dunk variety.

That pesky Wee Tax Case…

It was very naughty of old Rangers to ask for a UEFA licence when they knew that they really shouldn’t have.

If memory serves me correctly then the name of Alastair Johnston keeps cropping up in the paperwork on that one.

The same chap has his own financial issues to deal with and he really would like his cash back from the basket of assets.

What is certain is that the Engine Room Subsidiary will not be able to pay back the money he is owed by accessing merchandising revenues.

That is because there isn’t any.

No merchandise, no revenues.

So no rush at Ibrox to buy the new tops at the Sevco store today.

That’s because they’re not there.

It’s a different kind of Black Friday at Ibrox.

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