A Sevco legal own goal and a ten year anniversary

Today I had, via Skype, a very informative sit-down with a trusted source.

He was able to flesh out what I had posted late last night.

It really is a bizarre story.

My takeaway from the lengthy chat was that the Sevco High Command has scored a massive own goal on this retail deal.

I had to clarify several times what he was telling me because I wanted to be exactly sure what he was saying.

He told me that if only the Blue Room chaps had waited until Monday (July 9th 2018) then they would have been legally in the clear on this.

That was the deadline for Ashley.

My guy stated that the Sevco people were either:

  • Incredibly stupid
  • In receipt of very bad legal advice.

I interjected that (1) and (2) were not necessarily mutually exclusive.

A point, in fairness, that he readily conceded.

He also reminded me that Ashley is still holding onto some unsold Puma stock and the cash value of that could come into any future court proceedings.

I asked him how he thought this would play out and his first observation I found particularly illuminating:

“The court case will reveal the precise details of the retail deal that was struck last summer between Ashley and King”.

Of course, it might be difficult for Mr King having to attend a UK court in person at the moment.

I’m sure that is not lost on General Ashley.in litigation for quite a while on this matter.

That would mean that the basket of assets would not be able to sell any merchandise to their culturally unfortunate customer base.

I have heard from another well-placed source that the folk at Hummel are concerned that counterfeit garments might rush in to fill a vacuum which had been created by pending litigation.

I understand that Mr Paul Murray was playing golf at Loch Lomond when the papers were served for this action.

My information is that this rather spoiled his day.

I told my guy that I was rather puzzled as to why Mr King and Mr Murray were named as individuals on the court papers.

My confusion was that if they were being held personally liable could that mean that they had been personally benefiting from the Rangers Retail Limited deal?

My source told me that might very well be the case.

He, of course, couldn’t possibly comment.

I must say I was puzzled by this answer.

The same impeccably placed source told me in the weeks after the Off Licence Putsch of March 2015 that Ashley was a vengeful man.

He reminded me of this today.

“I said three years ago that it doesn’t matter how long it takes him, but he WILL get them”.

After speaking to him I tried a normally helpful Shirebrook source.

He was rather reticent, but would only say that their camp was confident of securing a victory in court.

He stated to me that the fact that the judge had granted the injunction had demonstrated that Ashley’s highly expensive legal team had prepared the groundwork for this move.

So what happens next?

Well if the judge considers there is a case to answer then there could be a date set for a full hearing.

Given past behaviour, Ashley’s legal people will probably seek to continue with for the injunction until then.

If that were to happen then the Sevco merchandising revenue will flat line just at a time when they desperately need it.

In a parallel universe, Celtic are tied up in litigation and New Balance cannot sell a single item with a Celtic crest on it.

In that same dimension, the sports desks in Glasgow are all over the story spelling out the dire financial implications for the Parkhead club.




That was the decade that was.

It was ten years ago today that this site first made an entrance into the Fitba blogosphere.

I think it is fair to say that it has been quite a decade on here.

It isn’t my intention to adumbrate what it has become over the years.

This site is entirely searchable and it is all here right back to July 7th 2008.

My life was very different a decade ago.

I had three school-age children, the Celtic Tiger was stalking Ireland and Rangers were still alive.

This site has been an accidental success.

There was a role for a named journalist who would go after Ibrox stories without fearing any of the normal sanctions that can be imposed on the Glasgow stenographers.

I do not have nor do I want a press pass to Ibrox.

Consequently, there was no carrot or stick that would get me to obey the normal rules on Rangers.

I have had lots of help along the way with my work here.

Some of my sources have taken real risks in reaching out to me and I will always be grateful to them.

However, my greatest debt of gratitude is to you the reader for your continuing support.

My pledge to you is that this site will remain free to view.

Moreover, the content will never contain any contaminated lamb or harmful PR additives.