Special powers act

It would be crass to fail to acknowledge the skillset of Mr David Cunningham King.

Although he is rarely the most intelligent person in the room he has abilities that few possess.

Since the Off Licence Putsch of March 2015, I have become increasingly convinced that he has something akin to special powers.

He appears to have the ability to tell qualified, eminent people things and then they believe him totally.

Unfortunately, the information he imparts is often lacking in veracity.

I spoke today to a buddy who lives most of his life in the City.

He told me that the Take Over Panel and Mr King were the talk of the Square Mile Steamie.

I wasn’t surprised to hear this, as there is an element of test case apropos the new powers that the TOP now have to enforce their rulings.

However, what he then said did rather pique my interest.

He said that a colleague in his firm had recently taken part in a convivial sit down with one of the Sevco High Command.

Apparently, the Blue Room chap confided that he had finally seen through the Johannesburg based convicted criminal.

Dear reader, it is more than three years since the Off Licence Putsch.

Consequently, it says much for Mr King’s skill at deflection and evasion that only now is a highly intelligent member of the RIFC board finally seeing the situation clearly.

The Blue Room chap confided to his Square Mile buddy that Mr King would be ill-advised if he set foot inside the UK at the moment.

Moreover, he said that the battle with the Take Over Panel had left little change out of around £1.3m.

Although Mr King has this ability to proffer utter pish as 100% truth with a conjurer‘s flourish it doesn’t last indefinitely.

Ultimately he runs out of road and his dupes see it for what it is.

As the lunch was coming to an end the Square Mile chap did broach a rather sensitive scenario.

It was the one where a group of chaps work in concert to drive down the share price of a listed company and then force it to de-list.

Yeah, that scenario.

I’m told that the lunch ended on a rather sour note.